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A Study on the Influences of Shakespeare on Feiming

Author TangLi
Tutor XiaoBaiRong
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords FeiMing Shakespeare The literary viewpoint of dream The study on influences
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In the Contemporary Literature History of China, FeiMing is a distinctive author, which not only dues to his personal ways of handling, but also his literary viewpoints and styles. As an important aspect of his literary viewpoints, the viewpoint of dream embodies in FeiMing’s novels, forming a unique style. The formation of FeiMing’s literary viewpoints and styles is related to Chinese traditional culture, Buddhist ideology in his hometown and influences of foreign writers. Nevertheless, there is no foreign writer except Shakespeare could inspire FeiMing’s strong and persistent interest and affect his writing so profoundly. FeiMing once said,“Because of my favor, he (namely Shakespeare) assists the formation of my creation psychology.”Thus, systematically studying the influences of Shakespeare’s theaters on FeiMing’s novels is both significant to the study on Shakespeare in China and the study on FeiMing.Focusing on Shakespeare’s theaters and FeiMing’s novels, this thesis will analyze the specific influences of Shakespeare’s theaters on FeiMing’s novels and concern the function of the influences to the formation of FeiMing’s artistic style in novels. Except the introduction part, this thesis consists of three sections.Chapter one copes with the background of influences. This chapter will review FeiMing’s contacts with Shakespeare’s works in detail, and summarize FeiMing’s researches on Shakespeare at length, to prove the influences of Shakespeare on FeiMing.Chapter two is the specific analysis on the influences, which is the principal part of this thesis. The influences of Shakespeare on FeiMing mainly show in two ways.The first one is creating distance between works and reality. There are a lot of dreadful plots and miserable stories in Shakespeare’s tragedies, which should not directly display in play or stage, for it would impair the artistic effect of works. By depicting the death beautifully, using poetic languages and organizing the structure ingeniously, Shakespeare creates distance between works and reality, so that a unique aesthetic perception emerges in his works. Similarly, deaths and tragedies are contained in some of FeiMing’s novels too. Learned from Shakespeare, FeiMing creates distance in his works, rendering his works a fresh artistic conception as an arcadia eclogue.In addition, the influences of Shakespeare on FeiMing also shows in opposing deliberately embellish words. FeiMing once expressed his dislike of deliberately embellishing words. In his opinion, the work being deliberately embellished is great, yet it seems that there are some flaws in it. By contrast, the works of Shakespeare, whose words haven’t been deliberately embellished, are definitely excellent. The writing features of Shakespeare, such as breaking stylistic standard and grammar rule, opposing to deliberately embellish words, using ingenious phraseology and expressing viewpoints via characters, affect FeiMing’s writing, making FeiMing’s writing emerges similar features.Chapter three is a conclusion on the influences of Shakespeare upon the formation of FeiMing’s literary viewpoint of dream. In his article discussed writing, namely Talking about Dream, FeiMing proposed his literary viewpoint of dream, regarding literary work as a dream. The first characteristic of this“dream”is that it indistinctly separate from the real life. Besides, its words and sentences are subtle as dream. Both of the characteristics are the two aspects that Shakespeare affects FeiMing. Owing to the influences of Shakespeare, FeiMing’s literary viewpoint of dream takes shape. However, the influences bring about disadvantages as well. In virtue of the excessive emphasis on creating distance and breaking normal rule, FeiMing’s works seem obscure and difficult to comprehend.

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