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Shear Connector Test of the Concrete Composite Box Girder with Corrugated Steel Webs

Author MaYuanFei
Tutor HeShuanHai
School Chang'an University
Course Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords The concrete composite box girder with corrugated steel webs Twin-PBL Shearconnector Angle shear connector Model test
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The concrete composite box girder with corrugated steel webs is a new type ofsteel-concrete composite structure,which prestressed with high efficiency, light weight,convenient construction, beautiful modeling, etc. It is extensive used in France and Japancountries lies in its super-performance on mechanics.Shear connector is a key factor whether it can make full use of its stress performanceor not. The paper introduces two kinds of shear connector (Twin-PBL connector and anglesteel connector) and carried on the theory study, analyzed with FEA method and the statictest. In view of the existing research results have yet to Twin-PBL connector for more than4holes above the launch of the experimental study. The paper introduces on the basis ofpredecessors’ research achievements to do further research, the main content is as follows.Collecting and summary of domestic and foreigner Twin-PBL, angle steel connectorformula, comparative analysis. Through the static on the6holes Twin-PBL shear connectorlaunch test, monitoring every hole under all levels of load stress values and trends, theTwin-PBL connector of the stress distribution and stress analysis of the connecting piece.Tracking failure process connections, description of the external characteristics ofconnection failure, try to make the connections in the actual use, once a problem can findthe early, timely treatment. The paper introduces connecting piece for different thickness ofsteel plate adopts the comparative test, effects of plate thickness on the connecting elementstress performance comparison. Through the test results of6hole Twin-PBL, and singlehole at home and abroad to launch test results contrast, analysis of different porous stateforce and single hole stress. The first hole is connected to the Twin-PBL failure, continue topressure, stress change of second holes, the connecting piece in the event of single holeafter the destruction of the bearing capacity were studied. Through the comparison of statictest and finite element numerical calculation results, verify the rationality of finite elementanalysis. The Twin-PBL angle steel connections, finite element numerical results andtheoretical calculation results were compared and analyzed.

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