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The Collation and Study of Cheng Gongsui Anthology

Author CuiXiaoLei
Tutor YangJiLin
School Hebei Normal
Course Chinese classical literature
Keywords Cheng Gongsui re-compiler of Cheng Gongsui Anthology collating and annotating Ideological content Artistic feature
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Cheng Gongsui Anthology is the poetry and prose collection of Cheng Gongsui’s works,and Cheng Gongsui was a famous litterateur in Western Jin Dynasty. Cheng Gongsui (231-273) is an important poet and litterateur in the initial period of Western Jin Dynasty. He not only advanced into the palace writer by abundantly fording the classics and commentaries the style beautiful prose poems work, but also received the imperial edict to make the poetry together with Zhang Hua, Xun Xu etc, and once decided the law together with Jia Chong etc.As a prose poems lived in last years of Wei Dynasty and the earlier period of Western Jin Dynasty, on the one hand, his prose work has inherited the prose style of“Poetry and Fu for Gorgeous”; on the other hand, he proposed the prose poems of creation theory“The rare skill of fu is that it not only divides the matter and the sense, but also explains with an improper method”, and implemented this creation theory in his own prose creation, therefore, the theme of his work is rich.He resorts to the poems of temporals, which was not only the literature’s own initiative at that time, but also had certain influence in the prose poems history.Cheng Gongsui Anthology which was finished in the early Tang Dynasty includes several different types of literature in Cheng Gongsui’s writings,and these types of literature are fu、poetry、song、ming、lei、zhen、qi and so on . However, there is only one extant volume and most of which has already been lost,because his work has so many different themes ,writers after Six Dynasties didn’t praise it highly, the time is remote, it was written difficultly, as well as the disasters of war and chaos caused by war. Contemporary scholar chooses its complete masterpiece, and adds annotation and translation, either does fact examines to its family by using the literature material. Although they had different focus , there were still very few reorganizations and the synthesis researches to Cheng Gongsui Anthology .Taking this into consideration, this article attempts to utilize the knowledge and the research technique of the gathering together of scattered writings, the textual criticism and the commentics, and unify the related knowledge of the literary theory to conduct the synthesis research on Cheng Gongsui Anthology, and made a more reasonable synthesis judgment.This article divides into two major parts:The first part is Cheng Gongsui Anthology studies. In this part, the author mainly studies every four chapter, 14 at the following aspects except the introduction and the conclusion:First, the author considers and analyzes the influence of political situation changing in the last years of Wei Dynasty and the initial period of Western Jin Dynasty and the academic thought and the psychology of B.A. degree person at that time. The political situation changes, the academic thought evolution, the literature development as well as the changes of the writer’s view and so on had certain influence on Cheng Gongsui’s thought and caused him to form himself unique fu’s theory. In this chapter, the author also carries on the discussion on the copyright question of qian shen lun.Second, the author inspected the existing and lost copies and its distributed situation of Cheng Gongsui poems from all previous dynasties booklist and the extant ancient literature, and revealed the question which was reflected from Cheng Gongsui Anthology in the literatur, and then catalogged all the books of Cheng Gongsui prose works, which were citing by previous dynasties.Third, closely regarding the work of new edits which "Cheng Gongsui Collection" includes, the author analyzes and explores the rich ideological content which they contain, and makes the author’s academic ideology and fu’s ideology further clear.Fourth, the author manifests the artistic feature included in Cheng Gongsui’s prose work.The second part is based on absoring the achievement of collenction which comes from Yan Kejun,Lu Qinli and so on. The author searches documentations from all kinds of encyclopedia, historical books, anthology, individual collection of works, series of books and so on,re-forming Cheng Gongsui Anthology,which contains 22 fu、2 song、3 ming、1 zhen、1 qi、1 lei、2 songs、4 poems、3 proses and 9 lost sentences,and do collate and do annotate and write notes for each of them. The author also stresses every works’contents and arts features,and makes a great effort to inspect its writing times and writing background.The appendix contains material compilations of Cheng Gongsui’s biographical data and the material compilations which are the commentary about Cheng Gongsui’s prose work coming from all previous dynasties’scholars . The author collects, arranges and combs about Cheng Gongsui’s biography biography as well as the materials of comments made by all previous dynasties’scholar from literature material which comes from historical books, anthology, individual collection of works, series of books and so on .

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