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Experimental Research on Bending Properties of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Beams

Author KuangJingRui
Tutor BiZhong
School Liaoning University of Technology
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords basalt fiber self-compacting concrete ultimate bearing capacity of normalsection crack width short-term stiffnes
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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The self-compacting concrete reinforced by basalt fiber is a kind of new compositematerials with excellent performance. Basalt fiber is a natural silicate fiber and it has theinhibitory effect on the expansion of the crack of concrete if combined with concrete.Self-compacting concrete is a high performance concrete, which has the ability to flow andcompletely fill complex forms under its own weight without vibrating. This excellent featurecan not only reduce the labor intensity, but also reduce the noise in the construction processand avoid segregation and pock phenomena caused by the excess or the lack of vibration. Atthe same time, as self-compacting concrete uses fly ash, slag and other mineral admixturesand it is advantageous to the comprehensive utilization of resources and the protection ofecological environment, it is praised as “green concrete”.In order to study the effect that the basalt fiber volume mixed in the self-compactingconcrete has on the bending properties of self-compacting concrete beams, in this experiment,we set the basalt fiber volume fraction at four different levels which are0%,0.1%,0.2%and0.3%. Therefore the result of the experiment can show the effect that different basalt fibervolumes have on the bending properties of self-compacting concrete beams.The result of the experiment shows that the basalt fiber has inhibitory effect on theexpansion of the initial crack and it improves the tensile strength of concrete and the crackingmoment of the beam at a certain extent. Through the test data analysis it can be found thatbasalt fiber cannot raise the ultimate limit state of self-compacting concrete beam to a veryhigh level. When longitudinal steel reinforcement yields, with the fiber volume mixed in theself-compacting concrete beam increasing, the crack width of the beam decreases. The basaltfiber can reduce the stress on the steel reinforcement. On the basis of the experimental dataand the theoretical analysis and in reference to Code for design of concrete structures(GB50010-2010) and Technical specification for fiber reinforced concrete structures (CECS38-2004), we put forward the calculating methods of the crack-resistant moment of theself-compacting concrete beam, ultimate bearing capacity of normal section, crack width ofserviceability limit states and short-term stiffness. It provides a theoretical basis for theapplication of the self-compacting concrete reinforced by basalt fiber in engineering.

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