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Analysis on Flexural Behavior of RC and PC Beam Reinforced with CFRP

Author PeiYangYang
Tutor WangJianGuo
School Hefei University of Technology
Course Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords CFRP Reinforced concrete beams Prestressed concrete beamsStrengthening Finite element method Flexural capacity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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CFRP is gradually recognized and widely used for strengthening bridgeconstructions because it has the merits of light weight, easy to construct and highintensity and so on. This paper analysis the most common bridge structuralstyle-RC and PC beams, however, most of studies on such problems are focused onexperimental research. Based on the theory of finite element analysis of concretestructures, the thesis uses the method of theoretic analysis and numericalstimulation to analysis the flexural behavior of RC and PC beams strengthened withCFRP, this paper also does a deep research on the influence parameters of thebeams strengthened with CFRP. The main contents and conclusions are as follows:(1) Depends on the finite element method for reinforced concrete structure,systematicly describe the methods for solving nonlinear problems and theconvergence criterion, plastic theory of yield criteria and hardening model, makeof theoretical foundation for the following finite element analysis.(2) Using the large universal finite element program ANSYS, set up the finiteelement models of test beams in literature. Do comparative analysis of the featureloads and load-displacement curves between the results of numerical simulationand experiment. The results show that: the result error between numericalsimulation and experiment is small, the finite element method can simulate the failin bending progress of RC beams strengthened with CFRP.(3)Twenty-five strengthened beams and twenty-five contrastive PC beams aredesigned by the orthogonal experiment method to study their failure mode. Thispaper also analysis the changes of ultimate bending moment and ultimate deflectionbetween strengthened beams and contrastive PC beams. The influence of the factorson the reinforcement effect is studied.(4) Based on the plane section assumption and existing specifications, give theformula for calculating the bending capacity of PC beams, and briefly introduce theconcrete computational process.

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