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Studies of Flexural Performance on Completely Non-metallic Concrete Beam Prestressed with FRP Bars

Author QinBo
Tutor JinWenCheng
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords Nonmetallic Prestressed Concrete FRP Bars Bending Capacity Anchoragelength
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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FRP bars hold many virtues in the field of civil engineering, such as lightness, highstrength, corrosion stability, anti-fatigue, etc.. In reinforced concrete structure, which usedto replace steel bars is a good solution to the problem of insufficient durability caused bycorrosion of reinforcement. Which is also the preferred material to improve the modernprestressed concrete technology. The concrete beams prestressed with FRP bars have broadapplication prospects. But at present systematic and in-depth research and applicationpromotion is very necessary.Based on the research results of the domestic and foreign scholars, the studies offlexural performance on completely non-metallic concrete beam prestressed with FRP barshave been done in this paper. The main contents and results are as follows:Firstly, combining the domestic and foreign research results, the author summarizesbond mechanism and bond properties between FRP rebars and concrete, and the formulafor calculating the anchorage length of FRP bars is deduced.Secondly, it introduces the technology including structure design, GFRP barsbanding, composition and post-tensioning and anchorage of prestressing tendons in theentire application process of completely non-metallic20m concrete hollow slabprestressed with CFRP bars.Thirdly, the flexural properties and theoretical calculation method of completelynon-metallic concrete beam prestressed with FRP bars have been studied. For prestressedconcrete structures with elasto-brittle FRP bars as reinforcement material, this paper putsforward a theoretical calculation method by controlling the concrete strain inthe compression zone. The formula is deduced for calculating normal section bendingbearing capacity and stress of completely non-metallic concrete beam prestressed withFRP bars.And it calculates the flexural capacity and the moment in the middle spancorrespond to the maximum allowable crack width of completely non-metallic20m concrete hollow slab prestressed with CFRP bars.Finally, a static load test of the20m concrete hollow slab has been conducted. Bycombining the results of the finite element software ANSYS, this paper contrastsand analyzes mechanical performance of completely non-metallic20m concrete hollowslab prestressed with CFRP bars, which verifies the correctness of computational theory ofcompletely non-metallic beam structure and the engineering feasibility of the completelynon-metallic20m concrete hollow slab prestressed with CFRP bars.

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