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Security Analysis of the Frame Structure in Expansion and Reconstruction Project

Author LiXiaoFeng
Tutor GongYuFa
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Active frame structure Safety analysis Reconstruction The structurereinforcement
CLC TU375.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Active frame structure due to construction year early, in view of the design, constructionand maintenance condition, many engineering quality there is an obvious degradation, and activeframe structure has served for more than ten years or even decades, some structure may havemore than life, appeared different degree of aging. In order to make the serious degradation ofengineering structure continues to play its proper role, need to carry on the safety appraisal andanalysis, and take some maintenance, repair, reinforcement and reconstruction measures.Combining with the active frame structure safety analysis research present situation and alarge number of literature, systematically studies the active frame structure safety analysis theory,analysis the influence factors of safety and security analysis method. According to the activeframe structure in the reconstruction project of safety, the use of structural finite element analysismethod, through the structure analysis software SATWE to establish numerical simulation andphysical model, and find out the influence active frame structure in the reconstruction of securityin the main factors, and the factors on the safety of structure, the influence degree of theevaluation of the safety degree of the structure, and finally put forward the main measures of themaintenance structure reinforcement.Will the finite element software SATWE applied to active frame structure safety analysis,can reflect the sim ulation structure in earthquake effect of the reaction, avoid the trouble, savethe test cost, is a kind of very effective structure analysis method.Based on the structure of thecast-in-place floor plate and frame beam, frame column resistance and the effect of comparativeanalysis, it can be concluded that, in situ floor plate safety rating for the stage, the frame beamsecurity level for level, the security of the frame column level to level, we can see that after theframe column of the bearing capacity can’t meet the requirements, needs to carry on thereinforcement.Based on the structure of the expansion cycle, layer displacement, layer displacement Angleanalysis, we can see that after the structure of the cycle increases, the displacement betweenlayer and layer displacement Angle are better than the original structure, the stiffness of thestructure that has reduces, the ability to resist horizontal effect reduced.Based on the structure ofthe time history analysis using TH1TG025wave input, and the results of calculation and response spectrum method is most close to that in selecting seismic wave, selection and structuresite category, earthquake group close seismic wave, the structure of the simulated best.Summarize the current frame structure reinforcement principle and method, in view of theactual situation of the frame column, using the method of weld of the reinforcement,strengthening the bearing capacity of frame column can meet the standard requirement, safetyperformance is good.

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