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Comparison on Scenic Poem and Idyl of Wei Yingwu and Xu Hun

Author GengHui
Tutor XuBoHong
School Xinyang Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords WEI Ying-wu XU Hun the Middle Tang Dynasty scenic poem and idyl
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of scenic poem and idyl, the Middle Tang Dynasty was often a zone of ignorence,WEI Ying-wu was a celebrate scenic poet during the High and Middle Tang Dynasty, XU Hun was a celebrate scenic poet writed with rhythmical poetry during the Middle and Late Tang Dynasty,they lived in the Middle Tang Dynasty completely, author tries to wholly and systematically conduct research on their scenic poem and idyl so as to show the protagonist eventually under this social upheaval, to explore. the potential impact of soci al-psychological and trilogy of the scholars in the creation of poems, to show the developing tendency of scenic poem and idyl, to summarize achievement and meaning of scenic poem and idyl of the Middle Tang Dynasty, to carry on Chinese culture and afford some lessons.To discuss this issue,there are six chapters in this paper.The first chapter not only summarized the achievements of WEI Yingwu and XU Huns study,but also deceived the time of their living,this is a new view.The second chapter analyzed and summarized the achievements before the Middle Tang Dynasty during the developing of scenic poem and idyl. Confucian thinking、Taoism、metaphysics and Buddhist had good promote effects. These two subject matters appeared to merge in High Tang Dynasty. with the development of Northern and Southern Dynasties and Early Tang Dynasty,and created Tang culture.finally.The third chapter studied the effects of poets mental and works objectively and subjectively. First, we define the teenage time of WEI Ying-wu and XU Hun.Secendly, intimacy,family backgrounds and seeking for an official position,literature faction, Taoism and Buddhist had effects on WEI Ying-wu and XU Hun, by comparision,we find that WEI Ying-wus poetic and aesthetic pursuit had perfectly run through his behaviors and writings,but Xu Hun is a low profiled person, the writing style of XU Hun is poise and silence.The forth and fifth chapter studied Heritage and creation of scenic poet and idyl during Middle Tang Dynasty.From feeling, style,poem heritage, artistic conception, we receive the signals of Strengthening reality and sence, besides,we also get the achivements of scenic poet and idyl in Middle Tang Dynasty and invoke an clear style responding to other’s poems.The last part summarized the form of scenic poet and idyl in the Middle Tang Dynasty, form ethereal and primitive feeling to Exquisite and quiet feeling;form simple the poems with five characters to a line to carved syllable; form seemed to blend into the poets silent and simple heart to gentle and colorful heart.

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