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Collaborative Configuration of Plastic Doors and Windows Offsite Manufacturing Process and its Resources

Author WangJiCheng
Tutor ZuoXiangBo
School Jinan University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords plastic doors and windows remote manufacturing optimal allocation ofresources Integer Programming Genetic Algorithms
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As the rapid development of network and IT, manufacturing development patternshave also changed. In networked manufacturing environment, the remote manufacturingresource collaborative configuration technology has become one of the hot issues of themodern integrated manufacturing research areas.Against manufacturing process characteristics for plastic doors and windows, as wellas plastic windows and doors manufacturing enterprises small and uneven distribution,thepaper taked remote manufacturing of plastic doors and windows and outsourced processingfor the study background. Manufacturing process as the core, it thorough studiedcollaborative configuration issues of manufacturing resourcesthat based remotemanufacturing process of plastic doors and windows, it studied manufacturing resourcemodeling and order-oriented task of manufacturing resource optimization configurationissues.those laid the manufacturing theoretical foundation of optimal allocation ofresources.It studied remote manufacturing system development of plastic doors andwindows. Assigning order and producting by system platform, reduced production costs,improved market competitiveness.Following instructions:(1)For the production of plastic doors and windows, the whole production process isdivided into several technology segments. It raised the concept of process unit (CU),equipment to meet the requirements of the process section is divided into a set ofequipment unit (EU), did configuration of process unit and equipment unit, created CU-EUmapping relationship. Acording to CU-EU mapping established manufacturing equipmentsource information model and carried on manufacturing Resource Information Integration.(2)Facing offsite manufacturing resource allocation problem for task order. First, inthe manufacturing resources pre-configured, established CU-EU mapping relationshiprougher manufacturing resources,did rougher of manufacturing resources.Second,thepaper established EU qualitative indicators evaluation system in collection of EUscreening,and proposed evaluation method.(3)Carrying out the tasks assigned, you need to optimize the allocation of manufacturing resources.Two aspects, on the one hand, first,to select the appropriateprofile, search in accordance with the principle of giving priority more than expected fullpotential can be used more than expected, more than expected surplus smallest linearprogramming optimization goals. Second,charked profile use plan of all remaining ordersas well as all available Zheng liao,and regardedthe lowest price as optimization goals to dolinear programming. On the other hand, to optimize the machining path ofprocess,regarded cost and time as quantitative indicators, and established the optimizationtarget model, put forward a multi-objective optimization algorithm to choose the righttechnology path.(4) When overall development of plastic doors and windows remote manufacturingsystem platform, paper proposed Browser/Server three-tier distributed architecture,analysised of the function of the system in accordance with the offsite manufacturingprocess planning requirements of the doors and windows. It divided system into enterpriseinformation set, alliance management, business opportunities, orders, production andmanagement of five functional modules and carried refinement to each one. It builtdatabase ER model by PowerDesigner, regarded the Pycharm as a developmentenvironment and regarded Python language as the development of the program to tocomplete the development of the system’s functionality.It took dual fan casement windowfor an example to test system operation.

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