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The Parameters Optimization in the Solar Latent Heat Storage Device and Trnsys Simulation about the Heat Pump System

Author ZhangFeiFei
Tutor TianZuo
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Civil Engineering
Keywords solar heat pump phase change thermal storage trnsys
CLC TU832.17
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of economic and technological, the solar-coupled heat pump technology has been rapid development. At the same time, the research of phase change thermal storage technology has drawn more and more attention. Some researches mainly focus on the material, the shape of the heat storage device and operation mode for solar energy heat pump system and so on in China. This paper focuses on the theoretical analysis, simulation and experimental research for solar heat pump system. Some aspects are mainly made in this paper, such as, the optimization of the inlet velocity and the distance between accumulator about the latent heat storage device. The use of the heat storage device result to the performance of the system of solar energy heat pump. The influence about the collector import and export temperature, import and export temperature by the side of evaporator and the heat pump COP is caused by the heat storage device.A simulated analysis that is for the latent heat storage device/heat storage performance by using fluent software that mainly analysis some factors influencing the heat storage performance of the heat storage device and optimized. According to the optimized result, we discussed the influence of the heat accumulator with the changes of the diameter. The results show that imported temperature, imported velocity, spacing of regenerator are the main factors. In the actual engineering application, it is recommended that the inlet temperature for the phase change heat storage device is set not less than40℃; With imported velocity increasing from0.04m/s to0.08m/s, the melting process did not significantly accelerated. But, when the flow velocity is0.03m/s, it is no melting at12000s. The melting process is too slow, which can’t play the role of phase change heat storage. Therefore, it is recommended that inlet velocity of the heat storage device is0.04m/s. When the regenerator is spacing less than55mm or more than65mm, liquid fraction is changed greatly and reduced. So, the performance is better when spacing of regenerator is55mm to65mm.For solar heat pump system, we set up simulation system by TRNSYS software. According to typical year weather data, we mainly discuss useful energy of collector, the collector average efficiency and the COP in the heating system and so on in typical heating season. The simulation results show that:the obtained useful energy is increased by5.52%for the whole heating season. The COP of heat pump is higher than without phase change. The use of the heat storage device can improve the COP of the system, which the maximum is3.41in January and the minimum is3.01in January. We establish experiment platform and do some researches.It is mainly discussed that the use of heat storage material effect on the collector import and export temperature, inlet and outlet temperature in evaporation side and the influence of the heat pump COP. The results show that the performance is always lower without phase change heat storage. The biggest difference is0.43and the minimum is0.24.

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