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Based on CPS Intelligent Building Lndoor Environment Measurement and Control System

Author LiZuoZuo
Tutor MaBin
School Shenyang University of construction
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Artificial Intelligence Cyber-Physical System Granular Computing Fuzzy Concept Lattices Multi-Agent System
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This paper based on Cyber-Physical System characteristics and advantages for development, To design Intelligent Building indoor environment monitoring and control system, clarify research significance of Cyber-Physical System.Divided Cyber-Physical System into the physical world and the world of cyber in qualitative. Imitate human neuron connections to build the physical world of the Cyber-Physical System,under framework of this physical world, the application of fuzzy concept lattices based on granular computing ideological construct the CPS world of cyber to complete Cyber-Physical System, At last apply in intelligent building indoor measurement and control system. Purpose to achieve Intelligent Building indoor environment monitoring and control CPS system, to change the traditional control system design ideas.This paper first introduces the concept of information physical fusion system, challenges facing,and the difference between Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical System. Given in this paper, the use of Multi-Agent System thought to mimic the human neuron connections, build the physical world of CPS. Clarify the characteristics of the physical integration of systems built based on this idea and principles. The basic concepts of the application of Granular Computing tablets principle of formal concept analysis. The use of the concept of fuzzy concept lattices operator edge calculations fusion method. Based on natural language understanding structured thinking,distributed information structured information processing and Multi-Agent structured problem-solving ideas, to build the CPS information world. Many based on the order relation interpreted as physical fusion system structured hierarchical world of information for analysis and calculation. Information on physical access to information fusion system world constructed multiple hierarchy through multiple hierarchical information the physical fusion system information world multi-angle, a more profound understanding.Indoor environment monitoring and control for intelligent building research background, building physical information fusion system has practical value. According to the overall system design, the entire system is divided into four modules, respectively, analysis and design, object-oriented environment perception, calculation module in the world three clustering analysis, communication module RS-485bus technology and wireless communication technology mixed applications to achieve a seamless connection between the physical world agent. The experiment proved that applied to the the intelligent building indoor environment monitoring and control agent array of screening based on neural networks, genetic algorithms, generalization minimum system selected. CPS implantation intelligent the building indoor monitoring and control system, set the environmental comfort, fire detection and energy consumption of the three forms of background, indoor comfort, for example, the establishment of a fuzzy concept lattice background rules database. Simple application of laboratory equipment to build a hardware platform and software platform for intelligent building indoor environment monitoring and control CPS system software platform introduces the main choice of sensors, controllers, actuators and communication equipment, including the Keil C51operator interface and Visual Studio.NET operator interface, environmental comfort, for example to establish the fuzzy concept lattice background rules database.Intelligent building indoor environment monitoring and control CPS system design, the use of bionics, abstract the network physical structure and calculation process, the purpose method of combining natural mechanism+algorithm to solve the challenges faced by the CPS architecture,"Artificial (Algorithm)+Natural (Mechanism),"the new strategy, so intelligent building indoor environment monitoring and control CPS system simulation of human connection has people thinking.

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