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The Research on Construction Management of Project A

Author LuPeng
Tutor XuQun
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Project Management
Keywords Project management Construction project Construction management
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the domestic,construction industry is mainly manual labor-intensiveindustries. With China’s accession to WTO, competition is increasing in theconstruction market, economic profit declines sharply in construction enterprises.How to use modern technology to transform traditional industries, to improveproductivity and reduce production capacity consumption, which has far-reachingsignificance for low-carbon production.With the continuous advancement of scientific and technological level andgradually increasing the level of modern management, the domestic constructionindustry is extremely concerned about accelerating the project constructionschedule, shortening the project construction cost. Especially the current domesticinvestment in fixed assets has become an important engine of economic growth.Besides, fixed assets of the economy by promoting the role of local governments atall levels is fully affirmed, which would have resulted in a large number of projectsstarted. For nearly20years, real estate in China as the most popular one of theindustry has attracted a large number of investors to enter, and has become a pillarindustry of national economic development. For real estate companies, real estateprojects of construction of the building represents the length of time how muchmoney, how to ensure the quality of the premise, to reduce costs and maintain arapid construction schedule. It has become a major problems for each of the projectmanager to think. Project Schedule Management as an important part of the workin Project Management that management must attach great importance to in theactual project, and through the institutionalization of assessment methods to checkregularly to ensure that the actual progress of the project time in the hands of theproject leader.During the progress of the project management, the project leader must bemanaged by using a variety of ways to optimize the final project construction plans.Those construction difficult and low profit level subprojects, could be subcontractedto other construction units with professional expertise to complete the work, so thatenterprises can reduce the difficulty of construction, improve construction qualityand construction schedule. Meanwhile, the project manager can also use somespecial project schedule management tools to monitor the daily progress of theproject; formulate subproject flowchart construction of the building, ease of construction personnel in accordance with the process operation. For theenvironmental safety of the construction site, the project team must attach greatimportance to production safety accidents. They not only cause some damage, butmore importantly bring the impact of the project’s construction progress. Therefore,when making project management, the project manager must achieve overallconsideration of cost, quality, new technology, construction and otherenvironmental and safety aspects of production to balance the progress ofconstruction products. Therefore, the project schedule management must beprepared to quality management and cost control efforts, so as to create afirst-class projects.

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