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Analysis and Researeh on Proping up and Rectifying Slope of Portal Frame Structure Foundation

Author GuChengYong
Tutor SuXin
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords portal frame structure foundation propping up rectifying slope
CLC TU753.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Due to various reasons, ancient or modern architecture constantly appear unevensubsidence and sloping, it is usually caused by the upper load and foundation and commonlyseen in the situation of soft ground and uneven upper load. Many experts and scholars both athome and abroad has made the theoretical research and practical exploration. So far, the studyof the theory of propping up and rectifying slope is not yet mature and not formed atheoretical system. This technology often used in some special cases, cannot be used topromote.Nowadays, the study of this technology still stay in practice. There are many placesworth to explore in the study of propping up and rectifying slope.The reason of settlement and slope is various, mainly divided into four aspects: thebuilding structure, construction site, foundation and construction.In this Paper, an existing building of Zhangjiakou Xinshiji rubber products workshopwas taken as an upright and rectifying project example, analyzed and discussed the interactionof the upper structure and foundation. Analysis the reason of uneven settlement and slope andthe g key technical during construction of propping up and rectifying slope.Through alternatives, plinth pile underpinning and jack-up was selected, set a box girderunder each independent plinth, set a underpinning pile under the box girder. The box girderconstruction is befor the underpinning pile construction, and with space between the basementand underpinning pile set a jack. Through the jack-up, make the foundation uplift, foundationrevolve around an axis of rotation, all these can correct the tilted steel column and plinthoffset. In the design of propping up and rectifying slope carried out the of basis underpinningpile bearing capacity calculations, the design of box girder and the construction of groundreaction force under the box girder, as well as the design of column base bearing performanceduring the process of lifting, stability design of steel rack pillar, and hear and flexural capacitychecking of foundation under the action of plinth supporting. In the actual constructionprocess, it is important to deal with the safety and the jack-up quantity control.Through rigorous program design and monitoring and management of construction, theresult of jacking rectification work was good, the post-monitoring shows that the settlement ofthis building is stabilized and don’t appear secondary settlement, all these shows that this is afundamental solution to the settlement of the building tilted problem. This advantages of thismethod is simple and the cost, it has important reference value and guidance value for futuresimilar buildings jacking correction process.

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