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Reinforcing steel cutting machine, finite element analysis and dynamics research

Author XuShaoYun
Tutor LiuZhong
School Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Reinforcing Steel Cutter Finite element Motion simulation Dynamics Interference fit
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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In this paper, the present development and tendency of Reinforcing SteelCutter at home and abroad was introduced. The analysis of GQ40F ReinforcingSteel Cutter body was carried out by using the ANSYS. The distribution ofstress and strain of body was obtained, which made the weaknesses of thestructural clear. With the theory of kinematics, shear structure of ReinforcingSteel Cutter was researched, and the vector expression of displacement, velocityand acceleration of shear structure components was got. The3D mode of shearstructure was established and kinematic was simulated by SolidWorks Motion,the displacement, velocity and acceleration curve of each component wasobtained. The consistency of the theory formula and simulation results wasproved.Theoretical dynamics analysis of Reinforcing Steel Cutter was done. Thetransient dynamic of Reinforcing Steel Cutter was analyzed, and forces ofReinforcing Steel Cutter during the shear process were obtained by usingdynamic finite element analysis software ANSYS/LS-DYNA. The vibrationmodel and inherent frequency of Reinforcing Steel Cutter box first6modeswere obtained by mode analysis. The box structure of Reinforcing Steel Cutterwas modified based on the analyzed results of transient dynamic and modeanalysis, and the results show the feasibility of the improvements. Results of thisstudy provide useful support for the future design and improvement ofReinforcing Steel Cutter.The influence of shaft and the bearing interference fit on the stress of shaftand the bearing was studied in theoretical way. Non-linear finite elementanalysis of shaft and the bearing interference fit was studied, and stressdistribution in different parts of body was obtained. The relationship betweenmagnitude of interference and assembly stress was discussed.

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