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Research Art: Towards A Free Game

Author HuangZhenNian
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Keywords Schiller Free Game Aesthetic game Art Aesthetic ideal
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The slogan of the French Revolution \This is particularly evident in the thought of Kant, Fichte, Goethe, Schiller, Schelling, Hegel. In German classical philosophy and aesthetics of the period, freedom of thinking, forced most Qin, thinking up and free as their lifelong thinking subject, was undoubtedly as a writer and aestheticians Schiller. This is not only reflected in the works of Schiller's aesthetics, but also profoundly reflected in many of his best plays. Schiller poetic pen, writing the history of their literary creation and aesthetic ideas, that is, he to explore human regained his freedom. Freedom, Schiller there became his lifelong pursuit of the ideals and objectives. The word \Ancient Greece to the medieval period, the term \It is more related to a person's identity, status, grade, and is closely linked with the city-states of this period of social and political system. Medieval religion to become an important part of people's lives, \Prior to the freedom and slavery, and despotism are closely related. Medieval period, secular feelings of freedom is a religion of spiritual strength replaced. In the aftermath of the French Revolution in 1789, the German thinkers instead of a speculative, abstract, as ways to talk about freedom issues. The word \Because it is not limited to nature itself since the situation, and it is more related to the spiritual level, together with the rational, moral, and other links. The concept of freedom in Hegel after truly become the core areas of aesthetics and for latecomer repeatedly discourse. However, the real turning point of the freedom and beauty starts from Schiller. Schiller begins in free thinking that vigorous French Revolution. With the deepening of thinking, questioning the scope of the increase as well as the expansion of the field of view, the various areas with free 11 show in Schiller's eyes. Free and natural, free society, freedom and human freedom and political freedom and religious freedom and philosophy, free games, free art, freedom and beauty, freedom and aesthetic freedom and sensual, free and rational , free will, freedom and emotional freedom and moral freedom and noble, freedom and dignity of all Schiller's concern about the scope, these become objects Schiller lifetime thoughtful. The \However, in real life, freedom has fallen. Schiller believes that freedom in all aspects of modern civilization in all fields and, in varying degrees, have suffered. Gradually lost its freedom and its spirit. Schiller believes that the pursuit of freedom led naturally fade away naturally has very little real showing its organic unity of the whole and the whole picture. Schiller, one of the prerequisites for the vanishing freedoms that humanity shown a split and confrontation state. He believes that humanity is hovering at between surly and boorish. Not only that, whether it is external to the country level, career, church, legal, moral, and so own experience or inherent enjoyment purposes, efforts, and so on, have become one of the alien force. It is due to the interaction of these forces that have been in a state of harmony complete tear. \He further believes that art, when it is no longer concerned about the moral dimensions of the upgrade, or depending on moral no insurmountable boundaries, the free spirit of art had been caught in danger of decay. Obviously, freedom has been compromised at different levels. Schiller, the salvation of freedom, in addition to as a beautiful art that is free game, no better way. Freedom and all the areas of contact, free with games, art, beauty, aesthetics become the where Schiller moment the center of attention. Schiller said about the game, by Kant's influence and inspiration. Schiller identified the meaning of the game should be: the game, not to get rid of all the needs of free activities, but mainly refers to temporarily get rid of a certain, a certain need external free activities. The realization of the spirit of liberty is manifested through the process of the game and many other elements of the free fulfilled. Precious freedom that we are able the antithesis to see this mandatory, we have the right to choose. Freedom and inevitably in the opposite, in a way is a kind of refers only to the freedom on the political level, a narrow sense of freedom. Its essence is a negative freedom, freedom is a passive state. In a sense, the provisions of freedom and spontaneity problem is a how people the reality of sexual freedom and the possibility of problems. The realization of the freedom of independence, the freedom to achieve in order to become some might. Schiller believes that aesthetic game \Have brought pleasure to people on their own and even the United States itself, the recourse of people in the game. This process not only get rid of various restrictions and compulsory process, is the process of independence can be achieved. More importantly, it is a game taste of freedom and beauty. Themselves and even the United States itself became the object sought by the people in the game fully embodies the creative spirit free. It is this primary, the creative process, the spirit of independence to create activities to achieve, so we realized that the elegance of the game free, so that we are able to indefinitely world the game manipulation soul free to extend or stretch. This sense, the beauty of the game is free, free game is beautiful. Therefore, the essential requirement of the game, freedom, the United States is as a man. Schiller believes that free aesthetic game art, aesthetic sensitivity to the culture, the rejection of serious principle, such as people of reason, freedom, morality digestion. Schiller's view, it is precisely because the presence of various opposing forces people itself, that the presence of impulse, causing the contradictions and conflicts of various forces. He believes that, in the human body, mainly there are two impulses: the emotional impulse and form of impulse. Therefore, the need for a third impulse to reconcile the two. This third impulse is the game impulse. Only create feelings in provisions of their senses, in the creation of their own feelings create their own objects, discard all contingencies, the tight material aspects and spiritual aspects of people's hearts mandatory, in order to obtain a substance the state of freedom and the spirit of freedom. From this level, this state is the status of a \Only among the game impulse, we can not only feel the \Therefore, the United States not only beautiful image of the show, but also including the reality of life under all with Aesthetic show. Schiller believes that the action of natural persons relying on their feelings, or rational guidance in ethics, deviate from the boundaries of man as man. The only game in the United States to become the game into aesthetic talent rational requirements. Only the beauty of the game to the final completion of the reconciliation of the emotional and rational. Become the game of the people and become fully human is visible targets to be achieved by the people in the aesthetic game. At this point, the internal and the external split in the process of aesthetic game, under the rational seek beauty ideal is discarded, and thus truly become a complete nature. When a person is in an intermediate state of mind that is the freedom of mind, and neither material the moral coercion circumstances without the people in order to become a full sense of the people. Such is the talent in the independent state is free. Schiller believes that aesthetic regain games for free is a must. Schiller believes that in the aesthetic state of being and aesthetic state of mind, and grasp the talent of the United States, under the laws of the free Schiller ideal. Schiller's thought, even the history of mankind is evolving, progressive process. People through the game of substance to the aesthetic process of the game, to be concerned about something else, and concern for the world to follow the self, and thus the transition to be concerned about the United States itself and even the United States essentially has a substantial leap change. People in this process, step by step by a passive, limited, forced to bear the status of the road to the initiative, the infinite, the conscious creation activities. Schiller believes that in the the sacred moral kingdom between the terrible force of nature Kingdom law, there needs to be a bridge between the aesthetic kingdom reached. Schiller believes that the only in Aesthetic countries, free game object that by living the image of the United States in order to achieve freedom. This can be said is a portrayal Schiller seek freedom in the beauty ideal road!

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