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Study on Evaluation of Earthquake Damage and Loss for Pools in Water Supply System

Author GaoLin
Tutor GuoEnDong
School China Seismological Bureau, Institute of Engineering Mechanics
Course Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords clean water tank water treatment cistern vulnerability loss ratio assessment model assessment software
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As an important part of lifeline engineering system, water supply systemaffects peoples’ production and life greatly for that it transports and distributesthe source of life. Historic seismic damage data have showed that varioustypes of engineering structures of the water supply system often sufferdestruction with different degrees in earthquakes, which may cause watersupply function decrease or partial loss shortly or even lead to paralysis of thewhole system and complete loss of function at worst. The loss of water supplyfunction after an earthquake will seriously affect people’s daily life in thedisaster areas, and also increases the difficulty of the post-earthquakeemergency rescue and reconstruction work.Clean water tanks and water treatment cisterns are important structuresof water supply system, the aseismatic researches on them are not enough.And these researches only focused on the formula calculation of crack widthin earthquake damage prediction and model analysis by finite elementsoftware in evaluation method. These methods cannot be used in rapidassessment work after an earthquake because of long time consuming and lowefficiency. In order to remedy the defects of routine methods and meet theneed of rapid assessment work, based on history seismic damage data of cleanwater tanks and water treatment cisterns, the detailed analysis of earthquakedamage are completed, and earthquake damage loss ratio as well asearthquake disaster site investigation questionnaire and summary table areobtained, besides, seismic damage and loss assessment models are built, anddamage assessment software is developed.The main content of the paper is as follows:1. Based on mastery of aseismatic research status for pools, the collectedearthquake disaster data of clean water tanks and water treatment cisterns areconsolidated, the common earthquake damage forms and the majorinfluencing factors are summarized, and the seismic vulnerability matrix areintroduced statistically, furthermore, the more detailed classification ofearthquake damage for pools are proposed.2. Three kinds of existing methods to determine loss ratio are discussed,including their scopes and strengths as well as weaknesses. Because of thelimitation of these methods, which cannot be directly used to calculate poolsloss ratio, a new earthquake damage loss ratio of clean water tanks and watertreatment cisterns are suggested by analyzing cost budget documents from thedefinition of loss ratio, considering the characteristics of different types ofpools.3. According to the demand of pools post-earthquake field works,consulting code for field survey, seismic loss site survey questionnaire of poolmonomer and summary table are worked out. 4. Based on pools seismic damage analysis and the research results ofvulnerability and loss ratio, assessment models of seismic loss for pools areestablished, which include group assessment models of clean water tanks aswell as water treatment cisterns, and monomer assessment model of cleanwater tanks. The accuracy and applicability of the models are also analyzed.5. Assessment software of seismic loss for pools in water supply systemis developed by using the Microsoft Visual Basic6.0software. And thereliability of the software is verified preliminarily by typical examples.

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