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Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Assembly Type Permeable Cone-shaped Pile

Author HuangXing
Tutor WangGuoTi
School Hefei University of Technology
Course Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords assembly type permeable cone-shaped pile finite element angle tenon body
CLC TU473.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Along with the time and the progress of economy, road, bridge and otherprojects also in vigorous development, one of their key in the process ofdevelopment of technology is the foundation treatment, but as a way of foundationpile in foundation treatment is developing very fast, every kind of pile appearedand was used, which assembled permeability of thin wall cone pile is the emergenceof a new type of pile, it is a new practical patent application by Professor WangGuoti and Mr. Wang Yixin in2010.Structure assembly type permeable cone-shapedpile by pile cap, pile and pile head, pile body and comprises a conical tube bodyand the tenon tenon body composition, the role is to a plurality of conical tubeconnected together to form the conical shape, so plays a connecting role tenon body,cone tube is a variable cross-section, can have different cone angle, and is hollowinside, the conical surface of the pipe body through holes are many, the permeablehole is the role of water can make the connection piles and soil workbetter.Assembly type permeable cone-shaped pile according to production processbelongs to the precast pile, in accordance with the bearing property belongs to afriction pile, because it is a new type pile has just come out, so there is no muchresearch on it.This paper is to study the assembly type permeable cone-shaped pile bytheoretical methods, selection of key technology of assembly type permeable thintapered pile is cone angle and tenon structure, through the ANSYS software whichthe cone angle and tenon body is simulated and analyzed, in the study of cone angleconsideration to take into account the pile and soil the constitutive relation, unitselection and yield criterion the and so on, carrying capacity, level of different coneangle on the pile vertical bearing impact force and eccentric compressive load, thesettlement of pile and watch what changes of pile stress change of judgment.In thestudy of tongue body, considering the influence of bearing capacity and bendingmoment of horizontal tenon body with different structure on the pile, and theimpact of a number of tenon body bearing capacity and bending moment on thelevel, check the horizontal displacement of pile and deflection analysis of tonguebody,

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