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Position Sensorless Control of Stepper Motor

Author HuDingJun
Tutor ZhouYanFei
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords hybrid stepping motor position sensorless high frequency injection Kalman Filtering MATLAB DSP
CLC TM383.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Although stepping motor has a wide range of application in the numerical control machinery andother fields, the open loop control has the out-of-step disadvantage, and traditional closed loop controlrealized by using rotary encoder and other mechanical sensors is also often influenced by the workenvironment and difficult to install. Consequently, the study about detecting stepping motor rotorposition and speed without position sensor has practical significance and application value. Based onthe two-phase hybrid stepping motor as the research object, using fluctuating high frequency voltagesignal injection method and Kalman filter, the point of this study is to research and realize the positionsensorless technology of two-phase hybrid stepping motor drive control system. In this paper the mainworks are as follows:1)Establish the mathematical model of two-phase hybrid stepping motor, define motor d-qcoordinates.Establish the motor position, current double closed-loop control system model that setDSP as the control core, realize the motor driver, winding current testing and other peripheralhardware circuit.2)Elaborate basic principle of using fluctuating high frequency voltage signal injection methodand Kalman filter detecting two-phase hybrid stepping motor rotor position. Based on the pulseequivalent principle and sinusoidal pulse width modulation principle, realize the both injection ofdriving voltage and high frequency injection voltage. Use DSP along with MATLAB to realize FIRDigital Filtering and Kalman Filtering that extract the rotor position information from winding highfrequency current accurately.3)In the MATLAB/Simulink environment, establish the simulation model of two-phase hybridstepping motor position sensorless control system, realize the simulations of stepping motor positionsensorless control. Write relevant program and complete hardware and software debugging based onTMS320F2812experimental platform. The simulations and experiments verify that fluctuating highfrequency voltage signal injection method and Kalman Filtering can achieve accurate and real-timerotor position detection of two-phase hybrid stepping motor at low speed speed, realize the steppingmotor position sensorless control.

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