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Metaphor in Marry Hesse’s Network Model Theory of Scientific Explanation

Author BaoXiaoLi
Tutor YanLi
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Hesse the network model theory metaphor explanation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Scientific explanation as the main purpose of the philosophy of science is an important feature of the philosophy of science. Along with the decline of logical empiricism. This paper briefly describes the development of scientific philosophy which shows the change from "Linguistic Turn" to "hermeneutics turn" in the mid-20th century.On the understanding of scientific methods, logical empiricists used in the standard model of scientific explanation named Hempel’s coverage model. They found to explain the relevance of its own existence, symmetry, not the interpretation of the law, as well as statistical law demands a high probability of such issues, with the process of continual development of this model. Subsequent researchers have tried to find a reasonable explanation of scientific approaches, mainly in three ways:into the path of ontology, epistemology and methodology of the approach roads into the road.Hesse network model of scientific explanation is a methodological one typical of the approach roads. Through the study of the history of Chemistry, Hesse refutes the assumptions of the logical empiricist logic:naive realism, a universal scientific language, the correspondence theory of truth. At the same time, Hesse indicates that the logical empiricists that envisaged rely solely on logic constructed in the formal language of scientific theory can not exist and explains the establishment of a new model of scientific explanation need. Hesse regards domain object to be explained as the primary domain and the theory of language system as secondary system, and the introduction of the first scientific explanation of metaphor model. Through the transfer of a secondary system to affect the primary system, metaphor shifted the attention from the logic relations between the primary system and the interaction metaphor, while the interaction metaphor to scientific explanation as a"metaphor re-description."Metaphor does not mean entirely abandoning the use of logic, only the difference of the network model of scientific explanation is the logic of its own logical empiricists and the so-called "logical" sense. Hesse network model of scientific explanation with metaphor, to determine the external logic as its solid foundation and introduce an important concept-analog, as the basis of internal logic to explain the network model of scientific objectivity and the truth gradually show the people’s eyes. Hesse’s network model theory of scienctific explanation that constructed based on the scientific metaphor, Salmon’s causal mechanisms based on the reasons and causes and Van Fraassen’s the "context relevant" model based on the "context relevant", the similarity is that they are looking new shows for the cornerstone, and the unique is that beyond the traditional scope of scientific explanation, from a new perspective on the world scientific description of the image.Metaphor as a means’use of scientific rhetoric make Hesse’s network model of scientific explanation with a rich metaphor, analogy color, for the Rhetoric of Science in Philosophy of Science gained unique value, and thus of great scientific rhetoric deep inspiration and influence. Hesse’s network model of scientific theory to explain the one hand, to promote scientific explanation of rhetoric from a focus on the process to attach more importance to scientific explanation of the results sought in the historical construction of the model found in the exchange of practical scientific factors; at the other hand, Hesse’s network model of scientific explanation represents the shift that from the "linguistic turn" to "Interpretive Turn" changes, and the introduction of metaphor implies the arrival of "rhetorical turn" with a strong implication.

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