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A Study and Application on Fuel Online Optimization of a Coal-Fired Power Generation Unit Based on Furnace Radiant Energy Signal

Author TangWen
Tutor ZhouHuaiChun
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Power Engineering
Keywords Radiant energy signal Combustion optimization Control simulation Closed-loop control Anticipatory control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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By using20flame detectors arranged in the furnace space collecting the real-timemonitoring images of the furnace flame, the furnace radiant energy signal can be obtaineddue to the digital computing and image processing technology. This signal can reflect thechanges of radiation released by the furnace combustion quickly and accurately. thefurnace radiant energy signal is applied to the combustion control of power generationunit, it can take advantage of the real-time detection, skip the middle process of the waterwall endothermic heating up in the traditional means of control, control the level of thefurnace exothermic from the source directly and quantify. It can per-control the targetparameters such as the main steam temperature and the main steam pressure of the behindprocess.In this paper, the radiation signal acquisition system as well as the online correctionmethod of calculating was introduced, data analysis and simulation was carried out aboutthe method of its application. the DCS logic configuration of the radiant energy signalinvolved in the combustion optimization of unit was introduced as well. The logicalconfiguration can determine the unit operating conditions, according to the currentconditions and the load instruction set the furnace radiant energy level, and control theamount of fuel according to the measured radiant energy and the radiant energy settingvalue by use the PID controller.Closed-loop control test of the system was put on trial in Guizhou Huadian TangzhaiPower Plant. In this paper, the actual operation data before and after the test of the unitwere compared and analyzed, reached the conclusion that Radiant energy control systemcan improve the steady state operating efficiency of the existing control system ingenerating units, and reduce the volatility of the various parameters, and shows a goodresults in stable combustion conditions in the furnace and the main steam parameters. Thesame time, the degree of change in the generating units economic performance after thesystem put into operation were analyzed and explained. The results showed that thecombustion optimization control system based on furnace radiant energy signal can reducecoal consumption rate about1%of the generating units, greatly improved the economy ofplant operation.

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