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Study on Large and Middle Fossil Fuel Power Plants Circulating Water Pump House Structure Calculation Program

Author HuangWenHe
Tutor SuYiSheng
School Guangxi University
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords Large and middle fossil fuel power plants Ccirculating water pump house Structure calculation model The internal force of structural design Study onoptimization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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21st century China’s economy has made great development, and economic development to promote the development of the electric power industry. China is one of the world’s few coal as the main energy, and coal occupies a very important position in China’s economic and social development, and will not change for quite some time. Fossil fuel power project standalone installed capacity of25MW class units from the initial development to today for1000MW units, increasing scale power engineering construction, electricity investment is also growing. Said large and middle fossil fuel power plant is the ultra-high pressure and the above parameters, the single unit capacity of125MW and above direct combustion, mainly burning solid fossil fuel fired power plants.With the rise of the installed capacity of the thermal power plant circulating cooling water gradually increased circulating water pump house became larger, more and more complex structural arrangement.Even seaside or riverside circulating water pump house, due to the role of the high tide and the high water head, according to the flood control design, higher pumping station substructure deep running layer elevation design. Traditional unit board structure calculations are often carried out under high head pumping station reinforcement section is too large, the calculation is very unreasonable.In this paper, the main structure of the large and medium-sized thermal power plant circulating water pump house model, computational simulation unit and boundary conditions simulation study, structural analysis, select the side wall, the middle wall, each lateral partition wall, a foundation slab, and pumps layer as the main structure of the simulation calculation is feasible; The plate-type units have an advantage compared to the solid elements from the model to calculate the efficiency of the analysis, and the calculation results extracted; The calculation results show that the elastic support floor model calculation is consistent with the engineering practice, a more reasonable simulation response analysis of the force between the pump house structure and the lower part of the foundation board with the two-way nature of the work also reflects a more reasonable. Internal force analysis of large and middle fossil fuel power plants circulating water pump house structure design, the traditional calculation method is derived for the side wall of the pump house structure, vertical wall consider vertical to bending moments, horizontal is usually constructedconsider; The finite element method calculation results show that the vertical siding with the backplane connector at the moment fold reduction, while the horizontal bending moment has increased, especially in the bottom of the lateral wall to wall junction area level tothe maximum bending moment, or even become a control internal forces. Therefore, the study of this subject, both in theory and practice, are of great significance.

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