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IOT-based Intelligent Assistant Substation Monitoring System

Author WangZhengGuo
Tutor HouMeiYi
School Shandong University
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords Substations Internet of Things Wireless sensor network
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the intelligent substation technology matures and popularity, substation monitoring system is toward the intelligent direction, completely solve the substation equipment remote, remote control, remote adjustment, telemetry and remote viewing and other" remote" comprehensive monitoring, so that the substation truly unattended. In addition to these real-time requirements of real-time monitoring of electrical quantities, the substation needed for other less demanding real-time status of equipment operating parameters to monitor, including circuit breaker contact temperature, busbars and knife junction temperature, environmental parameters, personnel location. Need to detect a wide range of equipment operating status and performance requirements from the insulation, wiring, feasibility and other considerations, can not be wired transmission. So for this type of real-time transmission of less demanding on the monitoring data, consider using the wireless network to transmit data.This paper describes a system based on Internet of Things technology Intelligent Assistant substation monitoring system, the choice of zigbee technology as the core for wireless sensor networks, as a system of data transmission network. The wireless network has a simple hardware structure, low power consumption, anti-interference ability, ease of maintenance and high reliability. Focus on zigbee technology from networking and multi-hop communication routing were analyzed. Also analyzed the Zigbee protocol stack architecture and stack their capacity. It also introduces the Zigbee chip CC2530features and design requirements.Intelligent substation monitoring system to achieve a high-voltage auxiliary bus, switch contacts, knife and cable temperature measurement and automatic data transfer, the better solution in the high-voltage environment, insulation temperature detection difficult problem. Avoiding complex environments wiring and cabling for high-voltage equipment insulation performance impact.Intelligent substation auxiliary monitoring system also enables to Zigbee wireless sensor network based personnel positioning function, realized with electronic fencing and operating personnel positioning error prevention function combination. Another combination of personnel positioning and video surveillance linkage function, reliable operation and maintenance personnel to improve the operation of the anti-error and accident traceability.Monitoring equipment combined with micro-environmental factors, to achieve the micrometeorological station outdoor six elements (air temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, atmospheric pressure) monitoring. Meanwhile according to the characteristics of wireless sensor networks, distributed in the station layout sensor, monitoring station temperature and humidity changes the key places and flooding, leaks.By Zigbee terminal equipment extended address globally unique characteristics, to achieve a terminal device with extended address identifies the station equipment, as the device ID, to achieve a smart station equipment inspection and asset management functions.

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