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The Design of SPD On-line Monitoring System

Author HeYaoBin
Tutor WenGuangJun
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Software Engineering
Keywords SPD on-line monitoring temperature acquisition on-off state CAN bus
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The MOV chip used in SPD is a non-linear component, the operation of non-linearcomponent is very complex and it is causing the failure diverse way, so it is necessary tomonitor the real-time operating status of lightning protection equipments of low-voltagedistribution systems quickly, accurately and comprehensive, to process maintenancesand deal with various failures occurred in the operation time. With the development ofautomation technology and automation level, condition-based maintenance is the futuredevelopment of power system equipment maintenance technology inevitable direction.SPD available on the market for operating state detection function, and the heavyworkload of manual maintenance status of equipment, it is necessary to design theSPD-line monitoring system, so that real-time access to multiple real-time operatingstatus of SPD to facilitate low-voltage distribution system unified management ofmultiple SPD, reducing the number of SPD manual inspection system workload, andcan effectively avoid quality defects caused by SPD and do not trip and false trip causeda security risk.1.Highlight lightning over voltage protection in low voltage distribution system forsever lightning disaster cases, analyze SPD protection mechanism and the workingprinciple and classification of SPD. Arrive at SPD development trend and the objectiveof the design for the contrast of SPD monitoring system of domestic and foreign.2.Consider the hardware design of SPD monitoring system, and state therealization of all the module, contain: front controller module, temperature samplingmodule, count and tripping monitoring module, data bus communication module,back-end controller module and so on. Make analysis and evaluation of some sensitivemodule, and elect the better plan.3.Consider the software design of SPD monitoring system, writing of theprocedures uses C++for each one function. Using Visual Basic6.0for operationinterface. Using the Access2003as a back-end database. Using sever tables manage thedata of monitoring system, to realize the various query function.4.In the hardware and software platform are set up to, carry on comprehensive debugging, it is realized basically that the functional requirements.

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