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The Optimization Design for Steering System of2ZG-6E High-Speed Ride-of Rice Transplanter

Author ShaoPing
Tutor HeYunXin
School Guangxi University
Course Power Engineering
Keywords Front-wheel alignment parameter Steering trapezoid Optimaldesign Interpolation Genetic Algorithms
CLC S223.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This thesis is based on enterprise commissioned projects"Design of2ZG-6high-speed rice transplanter" steering system, design and develop it according to its specific steering system structuree.Thesis on the transplanter front wheel alignment and steering trapezoid structure was explored, elaborated transplanter kingpin inclination angle and kingpin caster angle on its steering performance. By transplanter load, full load and overload three cases aligning torque steering drawn based on the analysis of the transplanter aligning torque kingpin inclination to give priority consideration kingpin caster conclusions. In this paper, a key component of transplanter steering system were carried out steering trapezoid plane and spatial modeling, analysis transplanter both internal and external rotation relationship of steering trapezoid, Plane on which the analysis breakaway non-isosceles trapezium trapezoid analysis is studied separately on both sides, and each side are non-isosceles trapezoid.Through the establishment of an intermediate angle left and right wheels finally found the actual angle between the plane ladder constraints limit this paper, as well as left and right wheel rear axle limit, this constraint is through the actual operation was out. In the space of model, we took into account the kingpin inclination and kingpin caster angle on the disconnect steering trapezoid effect. On the characterization of the spatial relationship between inside and outside corner wheels implicit model for solving a number of interpolation by two forms of modeling, we draw steering trapezoid space model is relatively close to the actual value. Transplanter steering system for optimization of this paper is the orthogonal-genetic algorithm, combined with vb programming software algorithms take fitness function, This optimization method is basically the following considerations: First, because the project is cooperation with enterprises, businesses are more particular about the economy and effectiveness, the orthogonal-genetic algorithm optimization features quick tally exactly with.Second, because of this paper is to learn from the Japanese transplanter transplanter Yanmar, and quadrature-genetic algorithm originated in Japan; Third, orthogonal-genetic algorithms used in the field of mechanical engineering is relatively small, But some literature will be used in the structure of its optimization and achieved good results, the paper-based innovation considerations. Through the optimization of the method described above obtained more satisfactory results,submit production.

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