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Improved Design of4YB-Ⅰcabbage Harvester

Author LiXiaoQiang
Tutor WangFenE
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords Cabbage harvester Leading extraction Lifting delivery Heightadjustment Articulated device Improved design
CLC S225.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Cabbage is one of main vegetables in China. So planting areas are increasingyear by year. At the same time, cabbage is one of main revenue for farmers.Atpresent, cabbage is harvested completely by artificial operation. Harvested cabbageis striped rotten leaf by artificial and saled by packing. More labor is needed to finishharvesting in time and the process is time comsuming. With the speeding up ofurbanization process, rural labor shortage is limiting the further development ofcabbage planting. So it is necessary to design a kind of cabbage harvester to solvethe problem of cabbage harvesting for cabbage growing areas.The cabbage harvester designed in the paper is suitable for cabbage plantingpatterns of ding xi region, in gansu province. Proceed from the reality, Cabbagevarieties and physical properties were studied an analysed in the dingxi region. Onthe basis of previous research, the overall plan and key components of4YB-Icabbage harvester were improved. The main contents were as follows:1) Improvd design of4YB-I cabbage harvester overall scheme, including liftingconveyer, drawing equipment, cutter. The height adjustment device and hanger weredesigned additionally. The design of the transmission system was done for theimproved cabbage harvester2) To reduce mechanical damage in the process of cabbage harvest, cabbagetransfering device was improved design. Cabbage transferring device contained thefunction of the top compaction device. The device was designed on the basis ofhands shape of cabbage extraction. Meterial was rubber belt. Compression springswere equipped near cabbage side to guarantee the stability of cabbage in the processof conveying direction. Relevant parameters were determined.3)4YB-I cabbage harvester was attached to a tractor. The height from theground at harvest and transport process has a great influence on the work efficiency.Therefore,design the height adjustment device and determine relevant parameters.Maximum stress direction to vertical direction: the force of2.2×103N, the infinitespeed adjustment in the range of0.02~0.8m/min, the fastest down speed of2m/min. 4) Improved design of the leading extraction device. Fiber structure of cabbageroots buried part was complicated and more force was needed to cut off cabbage root.Scarifier blade was designed on the leading extraction device to reduce cabbagepulling power. Whole cabbage root was resected totally in the cutting device. Stressanalysis was carried out for scarifier blade.5) In order to ensure the normal operation of devices, the appropriate power mustbe provided. As a result, power distribution was calculated for the improved machine.The required power of conveying device was P1=5×10-3kW. The equired power oflevels conveyer was P2=44.1×10-3kW. The required power of cutter was P3=34kW.The driven power needed of harvesting machine was P4=71×10-3kW. The generalpower of cabbage harvester was P=P1+P2+P3+P4=0.15kW.6) The maximum diameter of cabbage root chosen was30mm. Each experimentwas carried out between top leaves and with a distance from the top leaves of40mm.The experiment was started on the distance from the top leaves of40mm. The maininfluencing factors were blade types, cutting ways, cutting speeds and cuttingpositions. Blade types were smooth-edge blade and serrated blade. Cutting ways werevertical cutting and sliding cutting. The angle of sliding cutting was30°. To accountfor the influencing universality of cutting speed, cutting speeds werechosen randomly.They were50,100,150mm/min in the paper. When experiments of blade types andcutting ways were carried out,60similar cabbage roots were chosen, which weredivided into groups of twelve. When experiments of cutting speeds were carried out,135similar cabbage roots were chosen, which were divided into groups of nine. Eachgroup experiment was conducted five times to get an average. In order to cut thecabbage root cleanly, the work scope of the cutter was between top leaves and thedistance from the top leaves was40mm. The above experiments were all done ondistances from the top leaves of40,20, or5mm. Based on the single factororthogonal test, a multi-factor orthogonal test was carried out in a different cuttingway, blade type and cutting position. Finally, experimental dates were analyzed by ananalysis of variance.7) Cutter was improved design according to the experiment of cabbage root cutting force. Design parameters: diameter of236mm,2mm thickness, the bladeangle of30°, the angle between the blade to45°, the speed of452r/min.

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