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Construction of E.coli Displaying S.aureus TRAP on Its Surface by Red Recombination and Its Immunogenicity

Author ZhangShiBing
Tutor WangChun
School Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords 2BS-600bowl disc sowing soil machine Parameters Performance indicators Experimental study Rice
CLC S233.71
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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In China’s grain production, rice occupies an extremely important position. Because rice is thecountry’s largest acreage, the total production of most crops highest yields of food crops inChina’s grain product food. Mechanized sowing rice seedling soil aspect plays a vital role in riceproduction, Thickness and uniformity of sowing soil greatly affects the quality of flat panelseedlings, it also affects the mechanical effects of transplanting operations. Therefore, the depthstudy of the device sowing soil is very necessary. This paper systematically analyzes the ofdomestic and foreign rice seedling sowing soil research status on the device. Taking2BS-600rice bowl disc sowing soil machine developed by Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University asthe research object, for the characteristics of rice seedling industrialized production and ricebowl technology in cold regions, using methods combining experimental study and theoreticalanalysis, deeply study the influence of sowing soil properties by changing performanceparameters of2BS-600rice bowl disc sowing machine and soil moisture. In this paper, the mainresearch contents and conclusions are as follows:(1) This paper used the TK100multi-functional moisture meter to carry out rice seedlings soilmoisture measurement experiment. The moisture content measured by TK100multi-functionalmoisture meter as independent variable and the actual moisture content (the moisture contentmeasured by drying) as dependent variable was realized curve fitting through SPSS21.0software. Through the comparative analysis of the three equations’ correlation coefficient R, Fvalue regression test of significance, and P value of significant levels of F value, this paperarrived at the conclusion that the optimal fitting curve equation wasy0.030.05x0.73x2. Invalidation tests, the result of Paired-Samples T Test between the fitting function calculatingmoisture content and the moisture content by drying was no significant difference, the fittingcurve equation was appropriate and accurate. Therefore, we can take the TK100multi-functionalmoisture meter and curve equation to replace the traditional drying method for soil moisturecontent, it is simplify the experiment procedure, and to provide the reference for the boards forsoil moisture measuring research in the future.(2)Determine the feed rate and life-right rate of2BS-600rice bowl disc sowing soil machine;Determine the evaluation owing soil performance indicators of2BS-600rice bowl disc sowingsoil machine, and take bowl sterile trays as carrier, it has studied on single-factor tests with feedrate、left-right rate、adjustment plate openings and moisture content of seedling soil. Determinethe ranges of various factors: feed rate0.065-0.091m/s, left-right rate0.052-0.078m/s,adjustment plate openings12-22mm,moisture content of seedling soil6-12%. (3) On the basis of single-factor tests, select feed rate、left-right rate、adjustment plate openingsand moisture content of seedling soil four factors, take average sowing soil height and variationcoefficient of sowing soil height as evaluation indexes of the soil properties for the machine.Through a combination of quadratic regression orthogonal design test, multivariate experimentalstudy has build regression equations of each test factor and performance indicators by usingSPSS software; Analyze the influence regularity of disparate factors on each performanceindicator; Analyze the primary and secondary order of Various factors affecting average sowingsoil height; According to equations of different performance index and the result via MATLABoptimizing parameters, adopt the main objective function, it concluded the optimize parameters:feed rate0.065m/s, left-right rate0.057m/s, adjustment plate openings22mm, moisture contentof seedling soil7%. The verified test results that average sowing soil height was16.03mm,sowing soil height variation coefficient was4.75%witch less than10%, to meet the technicalrequirements.

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