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Tobacco Virus Diseases Research in Sichuan

Author HeYang
Tutor LuLiMing
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Crop
Keywords Sichuan Province Tobacco virus disease
CLC S435.72
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Tobacco is the main economic crop in Sichuan Province, there are66,700hm2tobacco planted in the province, of which the flue-cured tobacco is more than90percent, while there are more than0.67million hectares of burley and sun-cured tobacco, and tobacco-growing areas are mainly located in the province edge of the mountains. The planting of tobacco plays an important role in driving regional economic development, tobacco insect pests restrict the growth and development of the tobacco, thereby restricting the regional economy. There are more than40kinds of tobacco hazards disease, these diseases resulting in a significant loss of tobacco production every year, direct economic losses up to one hundred million yuan. The most serious hazards disease of tobacco is virus disease among the infectious disease. In recent years, there are many scholars has been doing some research in specific tobacco virus disease symptoms, but the system of tobacco virus disease is rare. On the basis of the system analysis of the tobacco mosaic virus disease in Sichuan Province, pointing out that the province’s tobacco production in the virus types and principles, and further propose appropriate control measures to improve the province’s planting tobacco virus disease control, effectively alleviate tobacco-growing areas of tobacco production efficiency to make some contribution.385virus samples of the areas where fuel-cured tobacco planted have been taken ELISA test, and the results are as follows:1) From the ELISA test results of Sichuan Tobacco virus type:TMV detection rate up to55.9%, accounting for half of the total number of detection, PVY detection rate is the lowest. The same time, the consent of the tobacco virus may exhibit different symptoms of the field, such as:TMV field symptoms are a manifestation of the tobacco plant section shortened, dwarf, and another showed a mosaic the blanch spots; different virus often exhibit similar symptoms, such as:TEV and PVY veinlets necrosis symptoms can be demonstrated. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between these types of viruses by a simple field symptom.2) The main virus of flue-cured tobacco in Sichuan is TMV, with wide geographic distribution, a single type of virus, but in some areas, due to around planting bad environment and geographic factors, there will be infected with the virus is different from the other regions. Common mosaic virus disseminated sources, the most serious loss is due to the field sick deformed residual widespread infection of new kinds of tobacco; the seedbed infected and farming operations of infection is also disseminated the main source.3) Sun-cured tobacco tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) apears one month after transplanting tobacco plant leaves will appear different shape, size, color, necrotic spots and markings heaviest incidence of2-3months. The incidence is low in Sichuan. From field symptoms point of view, this virus strains are more complex. About this virus in the study of the distribution of hazards, virus mediator, drug sources plants should be in-depth. 4) Panzhihua region sun-cured tobacco virus mainly include:tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and potato virus Y (PVY) the PVY detection rate of52.3%, C+Y detection rate of21.9%Total virus detection rate of42.0%. Sampling found three viruses also have a certain regularity. Aphid migration as early as late the migratory peak of the tobacco fields in the number of aphids great relationship with the local sun-cured tobacco virus disease. Number of aphids for a long time, the Department of viral disease incidence is relatively high.5) MA rule of law in effect on tobacco mosaic disease was88.26%, no phytotoxicity MA effect on the prevention of tobacco mosaic virus is greater than the therapeutic effect of tobacco, there is a certain interval between spraying and vaccination virus inhibition impact. The effect of MA in the field of prevention and treatment remains to be further testing; suppress the virus active ingredient analysis of MA, mechanism of action and exploration need to conduct in-depth research.

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