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Study of Folic Acid Content in Millet of Shanxi Province

Author ShaoLiHua
Tutor WangLi
School Shanxi Normal University
Course Ecology
Keywords millet indirect fluorescent method variety ecologytype folia acid content
CLC S515
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Folic Acid is a kind of water-soluble vitamine B,participating inone-carbon transfer reactions in the biosynthesis of purine andpyrimidine as well as amino acid interconversions.Foxtail millet(Setaria italica (L.) P.Beauv.) is a kind of minor crop which isnutritious and edible with high feeding value.The folic acid content in foxtail millet of different varieties andecological distribution was analyzed to evaluate the relationshipbetween them. This paper determinated and evaluated folicacid content in main food and fruits and vegetables to people’sdaily consumption to comprehending the millet position of folicacid.The major conclusions are stated as folloes:(1) A single factor experiment for folic acid extraction anddetection was respectively conducted based on the illuminationcondition, color rendering time, detection ranges, extraction time,usage of absorbent, the consumption amount of elution solution aswell as the recovery rate of standard sample. Data showed that0.1mol·L-1KH2PO4was used to obtain the optimum extraction effect bythe extract scale of1:10at50℃for8hours, and adsorbing for10 minutes with0.5g active carbon adsorbent treated by aniline, andcontinuously eluting five times with7mL of mixture containing3%ammonia and70%ethanol, and then indirect fluorescent methodwas used to determine the contents of folic acid oxidized by KMnO4,and the satisfactory result was obtained because of higher therecovery rate of97.16%with a relative lower deviation of1.68%.(2) Total281traditional millet varieties from breeding andplanting in Changzhi, Fenyang and Taiyuan was collectedrespectively to determine folic acid content.Result shows theaverage content of folic acid in millets from Shanxi was1.53μg·g-1,variation range was determined between0.37and2.37μg·g-1andthe variation coefficient CV was25.2%Folic acid content in milletsexhibited a normal distribution characteristic with the left deviation,indicating that the contents folic acid in millets were gathered inhigher level relative to average. The same variety grown in Fenyanghas the lowest folic acid content compared to that inTaiyuan andChangzhi. The seed colour had no significant impact on folic acidcontent, but the color of peeled millet grains remarkably thecontents of folic acid. The millet grains with brown and green colorhad the highest contents of folic acid, and the grains with yellow,canary yellow, pale yellow and white color were decreased in turn.In this study, total24foxtail millet varieties with higher folic acidcontent was identified,and were accounted for8.5%of all thetested materials based on the content distribution of folic acid.Among them, Jingu21, as a major planting cultivar variety inagricultural production, and should be widely extended in ShanxiProvince, because it belongs to a cultivar variety with higher folic acid content, and the folic acid content in millet from Jingu21isreached to2μg·g-1.(3) Total59millet varieties from different areas of Shanxi werecollected respectively to determine folic acid content. Result showsthe average content of folic acid was1.65μg·g-1,deviation rangewas0.59-2.27μg·g-1, the coefficient of variation was23%.Folic acidcontent in different ecoregions appeared to be greatlydiversified,races of early-maturated and late-maturated weresignificantly higher than mid-maturated in spring sowingareas;races of summer sowing was lowest in four ecoregions.Within a certain range, millet folic acid content went up withaverage daily by the rise of altitude, longitude, latitude, sunshinetime, range of temperature, and rainfall; reduced by the rise of dailytemperature and relative humidity.The three factors screened withstep by step regression analysis were: sunshine time、altitude andrainfall.(4) Collect11main food,17kinds of vegetables and8kinds offruit in some household and market of Shanxi Province todetermine folic acid content,shows the food types of folicacid content above1.56μg·g-1Dw were: Soybean、 Peanut、 Mungbean、Millet、Oats、Corn and Buckwheat. The vegetable types of folicacid content above1.53μg·g-1Fw were: Spinach、 Rapeseed、Shiitake、Leaf lettuce、Lettuce、Cabbage、Green pepper、Celery、Chinese cabbage and Pumpkin. The folic acid content of fruit ofdaily consumption was above1.74μg·g-1Fw.

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