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Effect of Cultivation Factors on the Growth and Yield and Quality of Cyperus Esculentus

Author HuangMingHua
Tutor WangXueHua
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Bioenergy
Keywords Cyperus esculentus Fertilization Planting density Sowing time Uniconazole
CLC S565.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Cyperus esculentus (Cyperus esculentus l.v ar. Sativus beock) is a herbaceous plants, its tuber oil content is higher which can be made into biodiesel, and it can be grown on marginal lands for its suitability is strong. According to our country "not competing with the grain, not with the food fight" principle, Cyperus esculentus is an ideal energy plants. In2012, Cyperus species "ming quan" as material, studied the sowing date, planting density, fertilizer and Uniconazole chemical control of different cultivation measures influence of growth development and yield and quality of Cyperus esculentus, in order to provide theoretical and practical basis for the high yield of Cyperus esculentus quality cultivation. The main results are as follows:1、Basic fertilizer than basic fertilizer, the application of base fertilizer topdressing ratio under the condition of no fertilizer, as well as topdressing nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer than pure nitrogen or phosphorus, could make the Cyperus esculentus obtained better agronomic traits and yield. On the base of nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer under the condition of240kg/hm2, topdressing nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer was300kg/hm2, yield and oil Cyperus tuber rate reached the highest; Topdressing Urea300kg/hm2, stem and leaf dry matter yield was the highest; Topdressing Urea375kg/hm2, the crude fiber content of stem and leaf of the highest. Therefore, under the conditions of this experiment, the optimum fertilization of Cyperus esculentus and application rate of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, potash fertilizer240kg/hm2at initial tillering stage, topdressing nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer300kg/hm2.2、 Cyperus tuber yield was the highest under the planting density of11.11x104/hm2(30cm x30cm spacing), which was15.6%-54.0%higher than other treatment. This density was the highest density in the design of the test, therefore, Cyperus esculentus was suitable for planting crops, and the optimum density could be greater than11.11x104/hm2, further experimental research.3、Sowing to tuber yield and content of Cyperus esculentus rate had obvious effect,but it had no obvious effect on dry matter yield of stem and leaf. In May15th, the highest yield of sowing, sowing in May28th was the second, no significant difference between the two, but had significant difference with other sowing date treatment; oily May28th planting was the highest, followed by seeded in May15th, May28th and June16th oil seeding rate had significant difference. Therefore, the tested Cyperus species "civil rights" in Changsha area suitable sowing time was in May15-28day. 4、Uniconazole could dwarf plant, prevent lodging and increase tillering,biological yield and tuber number, When the concentration was1.Og/L, Cyperus tuber yield was the highest, with the highest concentration when the oil content was1.4g/L, l.Og/L, and no significant difference between the two. Therefore, Cyperus esculentus to obtain high yield and high oil content of the optimum Unconazole concentration was1.Og/L-1.4g/L.

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