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Variation of Fiber Morphology and Basic Density Within Trees and among Trees of Alnus Trabeculosa Plantation

Author ChengLin
Tutor XuYouMing
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Botany
Keywords Alnus trabeculosa Plantation Fiber morphology Basic density Withintrees and among trees Variation
CLC S792.14
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Tense situation of wood in short supply on today has become increasingly prominent, then rising the oriented cultivation of plantation,development of forest resources, evaluation and utilization fields.Variation of fiber morphology and basic density within trees and among trees of Alnus trabeculosa plantation were studied, for researching and processing of plantation wood materials of Alnus trabeculosa to provide theoretical guidance and reference.The radial variation patterns of fiber morphology were increased rapidly from the pith outward,and were stabilized after a few years,only the variation pattern of the fiber double wall thickness-diameter ratio showed a declining trend year by year, the regression equation with the rings were well fitted, correlation of fiber morphology and rings were significant at0.01level. Generally speaking, the radial variation of the fiber morphology were more obvious than the axial, fiber length was firstly increased and then decreased,variation trend of fiber width and lumen diameter were consistent, volatility decreased with the tree height increased,the same to diameter-width radio,the variation of double wall thickness and wall thickness-diameter ratio were similar increased and then decreased,variation regularity of length-width ratio was not obvious, fiber length, width, lumen diameter and tree height were significantly related, the rest of the fiber morphology were not significantly.The radial variation patterns of basic density was increased ring by ring from the pith outward,and were stabilized after a few years,variation patterns belonged to PashinI mode.the regression equation with the rings were significant at0.01level. the mean value of basic density was0.411g/cm3,complied with the basic standard of the paper making;the axial variation was firstly decreased with the tree height increased, and then slightly increaed, the regularity of variation was not obvious,correlation between basic density and rings were not significantly.The radial variation of content of extractive was decreased rapidly and then increased slightly, correlation between content of extractive not only rings but also tree height were not significantly.The coefficient of variation of fiber length,basic density, content of extractive among trees was small in general, variability among trees was not obvious, variance analysis showed that differences between fiber morphology, content of extractive among trees were not significantly mostly,basic density among trees was significantly. Variation among trees was smaller than within trees.Generally speaking,the relationship between wood basic density and annual ring width,fiber morphology,content of extractive were not significantly.Through the study of radial variation patterns of fiber length and basic density,the boundary of juvenile wood and mature wood of Alnus trabeculosa was11to12year. Variance analysis showed that the value of juvenile wood was mostly smaller than mature wood,except annual ring width,fiber diameter-width radio, content of extractive.generally speaking, they were significant except fiber lumen diameter.Comprehensive analysis of pulpwood properties variation of Alnus trabeculosa showed that it could meet the requirements of pulping material,it was an excellent material for pulpwood.

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