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The Injury of Heat Stress on Mice Testis and the Protective Effect of Dodder Extract on the Damaged Testis

Author GuoHongXiang
Tutor YuanAnWen
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Keywords heat stress dodder extract mouse testis
CLC S858.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective:To study the effect of the heat stress on mice testicular injury and the protective effect of dodder extract on heat stress testis. Methods:By using bathe-water heat stress model and environment of high temperature heat stress model to test testis coefficient,epididymis coefficient, epididymal sperm counts, sperm deformity rate and GSH-PX, SOD, MDA content in testis homogenate of mice, and observe the changes of structure of mice testicular tissue.Results:1、Heat stress injury in the mouse testis:(1)、after1.5hours hot bath stress, coefficient of testis and epididymis of mice coefficient, epididymal sperm counts were reduced, sperm deformity rate were raised, and there are distinct difference compared with control group (P<0.01). Decrease in germ cell testicular seminiferous tubules of the heat stress model group, disordered arrangement, presence of multinucleated giant cells, partial vacuolization, seminiferous tubules became cavity.(2)、Environment of high temperature heat stress group compared with control group, the testis coefficient epididymis coefficient, epididymal sperm count reduced, sperm deformity rate raised and there are extremely significant difference (P<0.01); Mice testicle fine essence exchange cells arrange disorder, at the time, the number of germ cells decreased.2、Impact of the dodder extract on thermal stress of testis in mice:bath model and high temperature environment model, dose group compared with model group, the coefficient of testis and epididymis coefficient, epididymal sperm count were higher than model group, the sperm deformity rate is lower than the model group; Testis homogenate of gsh-px, SOD was higher than model group, the MDA content lower than model group; Environment of high temperature stress recovery period, compared with model group, high dosage of medicine group coefficient of testis,epididymis coefficient were raised and difference is significant (0.01<P<0.05), epididymal sperm count was raised,sperm deformity rate was reduced and difference was extremely significant (P<0.01); At dosage group, mice’s germ cell in testicular arranged in order, cell layers and the number,excessive and had no cavitation phenomenon.Conclusion:the longer of time and the higher of temperature of water bath, the more serious of testicular injury. Dodder extract has a certain protective effect on heat stress testicular injury caused by heat stress and can promote the repair of testicular damage repair caused by high temperature environment.

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