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Isolation and Identification of Canine Distemper Virus from Raccoon Dog and Sequence Analysis of Its H and F Gene

Author GuoKangKang
Tutor ZuoXiJun
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords CDV Isolation and identification H gene F gene
CLC S858.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Canine distemper (CD),a high contact resistance, deadly infectious diseases, iscaused by CDV. Our country separated the CDV for the first time in1980frominfected dogs.At present,with the rapid development of aquaculture in China.Caninedistemper has become one of harm fur economical animal biggest infectious diseases.However, in recent years, so many kinds of animals including the giant panda, panda,monkey are infected by canine distemper virus. Canine distemper virus infectionshowed a trendency which expanded inceasingly. Due to the high infectivity andmortality of the disease, the early prevention and early diagnosis of the disease areparticularly important.Raccoon dog specimen suspected as canine distemper virus from Haerbin werecollected for virus isolation in vero cells culture.It was demonstrated to be a caninedistemper virus by immunofluorescence and RT-PCR. The H gene of the isolatedstrain was amplified by RT-PCR. CDV-HLJ (11) is sensitive to environmental factorssuch as acid, hot, ether. Animal regression experimental shows after10days poisonattack group have obvious symptoms reaction accompanied by death, proved separatethe poisonous CDV-HLJ(11) pair of fox, the raccoon dog have the obviouspathogenicity.The H gene and Fgene of the isolated strain was amplified by RT-PCR,and laterwas cloned and sequenced.It shows the homology of nucleic acid sequences of H genewith HeB(07)1, SD(09)3and SD(07)1was high (99.9%,99.7%,99.6%).The homologyof nucleic acid sequences with Strain CDV3and Convac vaccine strain waslow(91.4%.). The homology of nucleic acid sequences of F gene with JL(07)1andHeB(07)1was high (98.9%、99.4%).The homology of nucleic acid sequences of Fgene with Onderstepoort and GZ1strain was low(91.4%、91.1%). Phylogenetic treeshows that the isolated strain is wild strain and is Asia-Ⅰ.

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