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Yin Liangying and the Improvement of Sericulture in Sichuan Province, the Republic of China

Author LiJianJun
Tutor WuDaDe
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Republic of Sichuan Sericulture improvement Yin Liangying
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Sichuan was always one of the Chinese sericulture centers, sericulturewas also the main products of the Sichuan Foreign Trade. During the anti-Japanese Warperiod, sericulture became an important industry for the revitalization of the reareconomy, foreign exchange and quartermaster supply. Because of this, SichuanSericulture Improvement Station has been established, the Modern famous silkwormscientist, Mr. Yin Liangying in charge of the station’s works for all the aspects, whichmade the sericulture industry improve to a new level. This paper discusses severalthings including the establishment of the stations, improvement activities, institutionsand government relations, to gain the outstanding achievements in the special times, andreveal Mr. Yin Liangying’s active role in the improvement of sericulture, there is alsosome lacks in his work. From this, we can get some contemporary reference andthinking in modern sericulture industry.In this paper, it includes the introduction, body and conclusion.The first part describes the sericulture situations before the establishment ofSichuan sericulture situation, analyze the necessity of establishing the station during thebackground of anti-Japanese War and agricultural improvement, followed with thedescriptions of Yin Liangying’s life and invited to Sichuan to preside the sericultureimproved working, thereby, the improvement of sericulture emerged.The second part tells the establishment and improvement of sericultureinstitutions, the analysis shows the institutions’ personnel, funds and equipments, thengives us a general frame of this station.The third part is the core part of the paper, which is full of analyzed anddiscussed works from improving soil kinds’ tests, silkworm eggs, mulberry cultivation,silkworm manufacturing, raw silk manufacturing to the depth of sericulture promotion,sericulture research, silk, education and so on. And fully praised Mr. Yin Liangying’sworks under the difficult circumstances. Part four discusses the Sichuan Sericulture Improvement Station has ininteraction with society, government and other institutions, a lot of difficulties, and itsending, then what we can get from it.This paper argues that with the efforts of the Yin Liangying, Sichuan began toestablish a complete sericulture research, seed breeding, technology promotion and silkeducation system. Lay the foundation for the development of Sichuan silk. Fromsummarizing the achievements of Sericulture improved working, it has some activeinfluences and references for the development of modern sericulture and sericultureoccupation education.

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