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The Research on Operation Current Situation and Countermeasures of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Care System in Heilongjiang Province

Author ZhaoXin
Tutor ChenJinTao
School Jilin University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords The Rural Cooperative Medical System (the RCMC) Supervision Mechanism Financing Mechanism Supervision Mechanism Compensation Scheme
CLC F323.89
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The Rural Cooperative Medical System (the RCMC) had played an importantrole in protecting the farmers’ health and meeting the basic requirements, and alsoreduces the farmer medical burden. With the advance rapidly development of Chineseeconomic, urban and rural structure contradiction of increasingly prominent, with thegap between urban and rural areas and the phenomenon of the problem of diseaseleading to poverty and even disease returning to poverty has became more and moreserious. Facing the increasingly serious health problems of farmers, ourcountry launched a new rural cooperative medical system in2003. The system isorganized and supported by the government, the farmers can participate of their ownaccord, and the funds of the system include the individual, the collective and thegovernment. It is a system by taking the social pooling for catastrophic disease as theprincipal thing in famers medical mutual assistance. It is different from the Chinesetraditional rural cooperative medical system in nature. The launch of the new systemhelps the farmers resist the disease risk and improve the farmers’ health level, and italso has the important meaning of promoting the social and economic development.Heilongjiang Province participate the new type of rural cooperative medicalsystem as Trial Work. After a wide search, it has achieved some effects. But at thesame time, there are a series of problems, affects the farmer’s enthusiasm and ginsengadd up to satisfaction in the course. So seeking to smoothly development measures ishelpful to research the new rural cooperative medical system in Heilongjiang Province.It is played an important role in improving the countryside medical security level,improving rural medical service condition, and also promoting the rural economy development, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas.The purpose of the study is of Heilongjiang province through the new ruralcooperative medical system operation status, combining domestic and foreign ruralmedical treatment to ensure a system of successful experience, Heilongjiang provincefor relevant departments to provide a feasible Suggestions and countermeasures toimprove and strengthen the Heilongjiang new rural cooperative medical systemimplementation and development; Over the course of the study also have innovativepoints. One is in the analysis on the perspective of innovation, this paper analyzes thenew rural cooperative medical care system in Heilongjiang province in the existingproblems in the operation of reason, from the new rural cooperative medical system,the defect and obstacles in Heilongjiang province in the new rural cooperativemedical system operation of the obstacles the two perspective analysis. It is to perfectthe Heilongjiang new rural cooperative medical system innovation ofcountermeasures, in perfect in financing mechanism, and puts forward to buildingnew rural cooperative medical insurance in Heilongjiang province foundation; Inperfect regulation mechanism, establish new farming and dispute the refereeorganization; In the compensation scheme, and actively explore the poverty-strickenand outpatient service as a whole way of combining the compensation.The paper review the domestic and foreign research status of the system, definethe related concepts and theoretical basis. Secondly, through the analysis and sorting,pointing out the existing problems of the new rural cooperative medical care system inHeilongjiang province. And from the defects of the system itself and the resistanceof the operation to analyzing the reason why the problems exists. By drawing andadvanced the experience both home and abroad, we give some countermeasures andproposals from the aspect of improving the financing mechanisms, Supervisionmechanism and the compensation mechanisms to Put forward relevant measures tofurther improve the operation the new rural cooperative medical care system inHeilongjiang province.

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