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Study of the Equity of Public Health Resources in Dalian

Author HeQi
Tutor ChiJingMing
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Public Administration
Keywords Dalian City public health resources distribution health equity
CLC R197.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the society and economy continuously developing people have deeper understanding of the issue of health, and their demand for the quality of health-care is gradually increased. As a result, public health care becomes rare resources, and life expectancy, the health of the people, and the quality of public health-care service to a large degree depend on whether the resource of public health care is equally, fairly and effectively distributed.How to further prioritize the resources of public health-care make it more fairly and more effectively available to the people in different district is the top priority for the distribution of public health-care resources and is also, one of the key problems of the current reform of the health-care system in China.As one of China’s fifteen subprovincial-tier cities, Dalian is northeast China’s main window to the outside world. It is also the center of international transportation, international logistics, and regional finance and business. Since the initiation of the new national health-care reform, Dalian City’s health-care system reform has achieved certain success to some extent, but still facing all kinds of challenge such as the unbalance situation of reform among city,town and a variety of neighborhoods,which can not adapt to the schedule of the development of the whole city.Based on the statistics data which has been analyzed and accordingly been described as the developing trends, This paper mainly studies Dalian health-care person resources and objective resources, analyzes Dalian health-care distribution of resources, and also takes use of the study of the Lorenz curve and the Gini coefficient, making analysis of health-care person and objective resources aiming to discovery the main problems which has influence greatly the distribution of person and objective resources, to better offer excellent services for the public and encourage the practical strategy’s putting into use together with better offering scientific theory bases for it.Study results show that from2007to2011, Dalian City’s health-care resources has been developed year by year,with more and more doctors, nurses and physical resources distributed better and better. Accordingly,the distribution of health-care resources developed more to the standard of population instead of geography. To sum up, the long-term health-care policy of the government values regional aspect more than population and therefore influenced deeply the objectivity of the distribution of the health-care resources.Along with the continuously developing process of the health-care reform, to solve the problems of health-care resources distribution, we offer several suggestions:on the one hand, we should give a definite define of the the government’s function and therefore let the government functions well enough in the process of reforming of health-care resources distribution; on the other hand, the money donated into the public health-care resources should be valued again and profoundly in order to make sure the policy is of the valued of justification and objectivity. And for the third, we should scientifically make regional dividant, ensure the laws of public health-care resources distribution. For the fourth,we should set up the system of public health-care elite system, to develop quickly the human resources basis for the whole health-care system. For the fifth, to develop health-care system, to set up multi-level health-care system,to better develop public health-care resources distribution and as a result,to give the public more fair and rational health-care service.

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