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Evaluation Study on the Application and Promotion of the Appropriate Rural Health Techniques in Taiyuan

Author LiLiang
Tutor LiuYueZe
School Shanxi Medical
Course Social Medicine and Health Management
Keywords rural health appropriate techniques promotion and application effection evaluation study
CLC R197.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective:With the advances in medical technology, medical costs are rapidly rising, people in the medical treatment at the same time, also need to pay additional costs. China’s rural grass-roots health institutions in the relative lack of health resources, in particular the lack of suitable rural health appropriate technology. Therefore, while the development of high-precision technology, but also take into account the development of appropriate technology, especially in the backward areas of rural economic development for the local appropriate technology can truly reduce the burden on farmers for medical treatment, to improve the cure rate and security, improve farmers’health,really solve the problems of farmers "difficult and expensive". This paper aims to study the appropriate technologies for rural health to promote the use of the effect in the grass-roots health institutions in Taiyuan. This study is conducive to the establishment of efficient rural appropriate health technology extension system, the formation of appropriate technologies for rural health product supply selection mechanism to provide better and more effective health appropriate, technology for rural.Methods:According to the actual situation of the rural areas in Taiyuan. give full consideration to the factors of geography, population, and economic level of the region to determine six district as appropriate technology promotion and application demonstration area, and choose one tertiary hospitals.two secondary level hospitals, six community health service centers, as appropriate technology promotion and application demonstration bases, finalized choose six appropriate health technology to promote. July-2010to July-2012600patients receiving the appropriate technology and300drug-treated patients and the implementation of appropriate technologies for90doctors conducted a sample survey. Appropriate technologies treatment and medication two compare differences in the safety, effectiveness, economy. Main to investigate the patient’s education level, occupation, technology and treatment effects, and finally through the Multiple factors and multiple conditional logistic regression draw patients overall satisfaction and its impact on technology promotion factors. Investigation to the doctor by the Task Force investigators on the implementation of appropriate technology, main survey social and economic benefits of technology promotion as well as health technical personnel overall satisfaction on the popularization of technology, and so on.Results(1) Patients to appropriate technology services to the average satisfaction rate of94.2%, which factors affect satisfaction with Multiple factors and multiple conditional logistic regression obtained patient’s satisfaction on charges, patient’s satisfaction with the treatment and other factors are the main factors to affect the degree of customer satisfaction.(2)Drug treatment in patients with average satisfaction rate of efficacy of86.3%, including ibuprofen, fenbid treat a variety of pain satisfaction rate of92%and the other medication satisfaction rate above80%. Multiple factors and multiple conditional logistic regression of factors affecting satisfaction derived gender, monthly income and other factors had no effect (P>0.05), showed no statistical significance and came to the conclusion that the influential argument satisfaction:the effects of drug treatment, patients with an average monthly income, medication total cost, and whether there are side effects or adverse reactions.(3) the use of appropriate technology for the same disease treatment and drug therapy in terms of efficacy, cost, security satisfaction comparison results show that:both the efficacy satisfaction difference was statistically significant (P<0.05); Both In addition to the terms of the differences between the treatment of lumbar disc no significant charges satisfaction, the satisfaction of the remaining five technical differences were statistically significant (P<0.05); Two charges of satisfaction in addition to the terms of the difference between the treatment of lumbar disc no significant, the difference in the remaining four technologies were statistically significant.(4) through the analysis of the technology promotion satisfaction of the nine health institutions, health technicians, draw the overall satisfaction of the community health service centers better than secondary and tertiary hospital, by Multiple factors and multiple conditional logistic regression analysis draw the main factors of satisfaction are the degree of education, job title, and whether or not to accept training. Appropriate health technology training rate have a significant role to improve the cure rate and the level of personal technology.ConclusionTaiyuan City in the final of the "Eleventh Five-Year", For the promotion of grassroots communities lack the technical issues of common disease diagnosis and treatment, screening out the six technologies at all levels of the health institutions in the six districts, to analysis and evaluate the security, effectiveness, economy, and social of technology. From the research point of view, the six technologies for the disease are very common in rural areas, so the higher the satisfaction. Satisfaction of the organization and management-. cost-effectiveness in secondary and tertiary hospital was significantly lower than the Community Health Center. Health workers trained to improve their technology, improve the cure rate, and further improve patient satisfaction. In summary, the promotion of Appropriate Technology in Taiyuan medical and health institutions at all levels, economy、effective、safe、reliable, and better meet the treatment needs of patients achieved greater social benefits.

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