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Effect of Electro-acupuncture on the Expression of p38in Articular Cartilage of Rabbit Models of Osteoarthritis

Author WangJiangLin
Tutor ZuoFangYuan
School Luzhou Medical College
Course Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy
Keywords Osteoarthritis cartilage cell Electro-acupuncture p38mitogen-activated protein kinase
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective: osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis, OA), also called degenerativeosteoarthropathy, often occurs in the elderly. Osteoarthritis is a common diseasein weight-bearing joints, whose pathological characteristics are progressivedegeneration of articular cartilage, osteophyte subchondral bone reactive changesand the edge of the joint formation. Mitogen-activated protein kinase (mitogenactivated protein kinases, MAPKs) is an important intracellular signaltransduction, involved in the regulation of many physiological processes, isthought to play an important role in the pathogenesis of OA. p38mitogen-activated protein kinase (p38MAPK) in cartilage is one of the subtypesof MAPKs, it in the apoptosis of cartilage cells, cytokines, transcriptionregulation and ischemia reperfusion injury plays an important role in networkfault, collagen, proteoglycan degradation, is a reflection of specific indicator ofthe extent of OA lesions, rare in normal in cartilage, but cartilage in OA wasincreased significantly. Acupuncture can dredge main and collateral channels,balance yin and Yang, can promote cell proliferation, protein synthesis, stimulatecollagen and cytokine production, can promote the repair of cartilage, ligamentand tendon tissue injury, has analgesic, detumescence, improve the joint functionof effect on OA. This topic through Electro-acupuncture Treatment on rabbitknee OA cartilage changes in general morphology, cartilage cell pathology, as well as the influence on the expression of cartilage cell p38, to study the effect ofelectro-acupuncture on repairing rabbit articular cartilage cells of OA model andits mechanism. Methods:(1) participants and interventions:36healthy NewZealand white rabbits, were randomly divided into three groups,12rats in eachgroup. The normal group of12rabbits of conventional farming, not given anyintervention measures. Model group and treatment group of12rabbits12rabbitswith left knee joint by cast will keep building method to straighten the brakefixed this experiment required OA model.12rabbits in the model group after6weeks of feeding through the ear vein injection of air to kill, cut the left knee, themedial condyle cartilage were observed changes after modeling. The treatmentgroup of12rabbits were fed for6weeks for electroacupuncture treatment of14d,observe the same index after treatment to change the situation in the same way.Electroacu-puncture treatment to patients suffering from knee "eye of the knee,the knee eye, Yanglingquan, Zusanli, Xuehai, Liangqiu"6acupointselectroacupuncture, voltage6V, sparse wave4HZ, dense wavelength20HZ,pulse width0.5ms, the output intensity of2mA,1times a day, each time30EAmin, continuous treatment of14D.(2) observed: general morphological changesof the three groups of rabbit cartilage specimens; the cartilage specimens wereobserved by light microscope, changes of relevant indexes, and score accordingto Mankin ’s scale, changes in the expression of anti rabbit p38kit for detectionof left knee joint medial condyle cartilage (p38content. Statistical treatment:3)by SPSS13.0for WINDOWS for statistical analysis. The numerical results obtained by x±s, with P<0.05as the differences are significance, there weresignificant differences in P<0.01. Results:(1) cartilage gross observation:normal control group rabbit knee without joint effusion significantly, cartilagesurface smooth appearance is blue, deep color and bright, no crack, cartilagestructure of Mankin’s score of0. Model group left knee basically have jointeffusion, articular surface rough, and even some parts of all the cartilage surfaceerosion, greyish-yellow, gloss decreased slightly, surface uneven, rough;Electroacupuncture group only part of rabbit knee joint effusion and synovialhyperplasia, cartilage change still rough, but more the model group is light; thestructure of cartilage of electroacupuncture treatment group and model group byMankin ’s scores were compared, there was a significant difference (P<0.05).(2)HE staining and toluidine blue staining: normal control group, HE stainingshowed that the cartilage surface was basically flat, cartilage layer size symmetry;cell size consistent, tide line, good integrity and toluidine blue stain evenlydistributed according to law; model group by HE staining, the cartilage wasthinning, cartilage surface fracture, cartilage cells clustering and significantlyreduce the number of visible, tidal line disturbance and toluidine blue stainingwas pale; electroacupuncture treatment group were observed under lightmicroscopy showed distribution of chondrocytes is neat and cell numbercompared with the model group increased, smooth cartilage surface, relativelyless crack, cartilage thickness compared with model group, thick, there are tidalline disturbance, toluidine blue staining the degree of loss of stain lighter. Normal control group and model group, model group and electroacupuncture groupaccording to Mankin ’s scores were compared, the differences were statisticallysignificant (P<0.05).(3) cartilage immunohistochemical determination of p38:normal control group only in the surface layer of cartilage cells occasionallyweakly positive expression of p38, small brown granules within the cytoplasm;there are in the model group, the cytoplasm of cartilage matrix in the expressionof p38, all layers visible, especially in middle density is the highest, maturecartilage cells for most, deep brown granules; electroacupuncture treatment group,p38expression of cartilage cells of cartilage surface scattered in, is light browngranules. The normal statistically group and model group, model group and theelectroacupuncture group were compared, the difference was significant (P<0.01).Conclusions:(1) take a plaster cast of rabbit knee joint in extension compressionmethod to keep brake fixed production of rabbit knee OA model reveals thepathological changes of OA in this study, the experiment model success.(2) p38can accelerate the apoptosis of cartilage cells, degradation of articular cartilageextracellular matrix (extracellular matrix, ECM) role, contribute to cartilagedegeneration, has a very important impact damage.(3) in electroacupuncturetreatment of knee OA, probably through inhibition of p38expression in cartilage,decrease the apoptosis of chondrocytes, promoting matrix synthesis to achieve.

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