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The Study of "Warming Yang and Nourishing Qi" Acupuncture Effect on EAMG Rats Neuromuscular Junction Acetylcholine Receptor Expression

Author ZhangLiNa
Tutor WangHongFeng
School Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords "warming yang and nourishing qi" acupuncture treatment acetylcholinereceptor EAMG
CLC R245
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Purpose: With the "warming yang and nourishing qi" acupuncture treatment for EAMGrats, by observing the change of AchR expression level on EAMG rats neuromuscular joint toanalysis the treatment effect and mechanism of action of the "warming yang and nourishingqi" acupuncture treatment for MG. that in order to improve the clinical acupuncture treatmentfor application levels of MG to provide the objective experimental basis.Method: Using the the AchR alpha1,129-145peptide fragment mixed with freund’scomplete adjuvant immunization SPF level3female80, Lewis rats animal EAMG rats modelwas constructed; to randomly select the successful copy model30rats, divided intoacupuncture treatment group10rats, drug control group10rats, model control group10ratsand also in the corresponding period purchasing unmodeled10rats were set as blank controlgroup; Acupuncture treatment group using "warming yang and nourishing qi" acupuncturetreatment, the drug control group using pyridostigmine bromide lavage treatment, the rest ofthe two groups will not be any special treatment, only to contrast observation; After thetreatment, using the ELISA method for testing the AchR content on neuromuscular joint ofrats.Result:? successfully ifnished animal EAMG rats model39rats, the AchR expression levelon neuromuscular joint in model control group lowered, compared with blank control group,it had signiifcant difference(尸<0.01);②Afetr treatment, the AchR expression level onneuromuscular joint in acupuncture treatment group outstanding increased, compared withmodel control group, it had signiifcant difference(P<0.01);③Compared with the "warmingyang and nourishing qi" acupuncture treatment group and pyridostigmine bromide drugcontrol group, it showed these two group was no significant difference (P>0.05).Conclusion:①The AchR process involved in the pathogenesis of EAMG and severityof the symptoms of EAMG is closely related to the AchR expression level;②The"warming "yang and nourishing qi acupuncture treatment has good treatment effect forEAMG, also it has similar effect with pyridostigmine bromide treatment;③The "warmingyang and nourishing qi" acupuncture treatment has good treatment effect for EAMG, that canimprove the AchR expression level to play a role of the treatment on MG, the acupuncture and moxibustion as a main treatment methods of MG can effectively improve the level of thetreatment of MG.

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