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Professor Wang Fengrong from using "experience of Dachaihu Decoction" cut in the treatment of coronary heart disease

Author JinJinJin
Tutor WangFengRong
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) DaChaihu Tang Phlegm Blood andToxin Experience Analysis
CLC R249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Coronary heart disease refers to coronary atherosclerosis leading tomyocardial ischemia and hypoxia, which then causes pericardium pain. It is acommon disease which frequently threatens the health of the elderly, especiallythe one in the developed countries of Europe and the United. There areapproximately700million American people suffering from the disease. More than50million people are dying of the disease, accounting for1/3-1/2of thepopulation deaths and50%-75%of the number of deaths from heart disease. Inaddition, the proportion of the disease in hospitalized patients with heartdisease is also increasing with age. Therefore, the prevention and treatmentof coronary heart disease has been a hotspot of cardiovascular research aroundthe world. TCM exposition about its name and cause pathogenesis can be foundin the category of chest impediment, heart pain and sudden heart pain, etc. Inrecent years, TCM has expanded its research about chest impediment in theclinical and experimental field, making great progress in the TCM preventionand treatment of coronary heart disease.Professor Wang Fengrong, my supervisor, holds the idea that TCMpathogenesis of coronary heart disease patients with stable angina is mainlyconcentrated in terms of phlegm, blood stasis and toxin. The presentation ofthis idea is based on document discourse over the years, retrospective analysisof numerous clinical cases and validation summary of30years of clinicalexperience and experimental research. Based on modern medical research on CHDrisk factors and pathogenesis, the pathological essence of TCM phlegm, bloodstasis and toxin can respectively correspond to Lipid infiltration theory,Thrombosis and platelet aggregation doctrine, and Damage response caused byinflammation elaborated in the Western medicine. Insisting on the spirit ofcombining disease and syndrome, emphasizing principal contradiction while medical treatment, Professor Wang adopts classic prescription Da Chaihu Tangderived from Zhang Zhong-jing’s〝Treatise on Cold Damage and MiscellaneousDiseases〞flexibly to treat chest impediment,achieving quite a well clinicalefficacy.

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