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Professor Zhu Guoru from blood stasis diabetes experience

Author XieMingYun
Tutor ZhuGuoRu
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course TCM clinical
Keywords Xiaokebing blood stasis experience
CLC R249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Diabetes with major clinical symptoms of thirsty, more urine, lassitude emaciation belongs to xiaokebing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The rate of prevalence of diabetes has been increased rapidly. Diabetes has become a major killer to people’s health bringing heavy burden to people’s work and life. So exploring and looking for the methods and drugs on prevention and treatment of diabetes has become one of the key problems needed to be solved as soon as possible in the world’s medical field. In recent years progress has been achieved in the research on the etiology, pathogenesis and therapy of diabetes, but its pathogenesis is still not clear and the method to cure diabetes has not been found either. And Traditional Chinese medicine has its unique advantage in the treatment of diabetes. Professor named Zhu Guoru makes a point based on blood stasis on the treatment of xiaokebing, conforming to the basic theory of TCM and combining with her years’ clinical experience, on the basis of western medicine treatment. Professor Zhu thinks that xiaokebing is related to the five zang-organs mainly to the lung, spleen, kidney. Blood stasis permeates through the whole course of the disease is by and the treatment based on syndrome differentiation of xiaokebing is an important principle of the prevention and treatment of xiaokebing. The treatment methods include clearing away heat and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, regulating free flow of qi and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, supplementing qi and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, making the function of the spleen normal and clearing away dampness and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, warming yang and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. If we select the type of drug promoting blood circulation according to the different stages of the course of diabetes and the degree of blood stasis based on the syndrome, the clinical effect of treatment will be great.

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