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Professor Tian Zhenguo's experience in the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Author ZhangYuJun
Tutor TianZhenGuo
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Surgery of Chinese Medicine
Keywords Ulcerative colitis Traditional Chinese medicine therapy Thedialectical Experience summary
CLC R249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Professor Tian Zhenguo Department of Liaoning Province, China’s famous TCManorectal disease experts, the current president of the China Association oftraditional Chinese medicine anorectal Branch, director of the LiaoningProvincial Committee of vice director of anorectal, anorectal Branch of WorldFederation of Chinese medicine. Is the national level key disciplines, keyspecialist academic and academic leaders, enjoy the State Council specialallowance experts, in clinical and research in anorectal diseases forty years,Tian division of anorectal diseases, especially with unique insights indiagnosis and treatment of ulcerative colitis, given the TCM syndromedifferentiation and treatment of this disease, curative effectsignificant.Ulcerative colitis, colon rectum is an unexplained chronicnon-specific inflammatory disease. Also present were refractory diseaserecognized by the medical world, the main clinical manifestations were abdominalpain, diarrhea, bloody mucopurulent stool, tenesmus. Ulcerative colitis inChinese traditional medicine belongs to the "bowel","diarrhea","Li","stagnation","dysentery" category, its etiology is complex, multiple andexopathic dampness, improper diet or ferrite weak spleen and stomach, oremotional abnormalities, can cause the disease. This disease is manifested inthe gut, but with the viscera function disorder are closely related, and thedisease has long course, easy to relapse, difficult to cure and complicationsand other clinical features.Professor Tian Zhenguo, with many years of clinicalexperience, using the theory of traditional Chinese medicine dialecticaltreatment of ulcerative colitis, has formed a unique treatment system, the partyis exquisite, the fine prescription exquisite painting a rigorous,compatibility, regarding the treatment of this disease, different stagesaccording to different syndromes,, using traditional Chinese medicine decoction and external enema, acupuncture and so on different methods of comprehensivetreatment of this disease, many by the good effect. Not only that, in this patientcare, Tian teacher pay more attention to psychological, diet and other aspects.Now I began to Professor Tian Zhenguo’s dialectical treatment of ulcerativecolitis experience is summarized.

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