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The distant professor in treating gouty nephropathy dialectical thought and clinical experience

Author NiYiZuo
Tutor YuanFang
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Gouty nephropathy Professor Yuan Thought of syndrome differentiation
CLC R249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Gouty Nephropathy (GN) is the purine metabolic disorder, excessive uric acidsynthesis or uric acid excretion disorder caused by high uric acid hematicdisease,caused by uric acid and urate deposition in the kidney of clinicalsyndrome,also known as uric acid nephropathy.The main performance are sorenessof waist,backache,polyuria,nocturia,or hematuria,urinary calculi,or renalcolic,oliguria,anuria,or anemia,nausea and vomiting,etc,and may be accompaniedby some outward of kidney manifestations such as the joint toe, foot, knee, ankle,wrist, finger swelling, heat pain and fever. The main drug are promoting uricacid excretion restraining uric acid synthesis, but the side effect is obvious,hormone therapy as adjuvant if the symptoms are more serious. But the prognosisis not good.Professor is engaged in teaching and scientific research far in more than20years, in the treatment of gouty nephropathy has accumulated rich experience,according to the clinical manifestations of gouty nephropathy, professor putthe disease belongs to the category of "backache""edema""stranguria""consumption" in TCM.In teacher’s opinion,this disease is caused by lack ofinnate endowment, dysfunction of the spleen and kidney as well as meridians,dampness turbidity toxin evil embodiment, and improper diet, so heat and humidembodiment, and invaded by wind and cold,invasion meridian, cold converts toheat, damp and hot concentrate to phlegm, escaping segments, blocking meridian,involving renal collaterals.So the pathological nature of this disease is thecoexistence of deficiency and excess.Visceral lesions in the kidney and relatedwith liver,spleen,lungs.According to the different degree of disease treatmenton total mainly throughout the disease course,nourishing the kidney and spleenmethod treatment,Yu Shen Lu with modification.Later period to nourish kidneyand spleen, removing dampness, promoting blood circulation to remove bloodstasis, The Modified Yishen JiangZhuo HuaYu is used,and comprehensive treatment with satisfactory results.

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