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The distant professor of traditional Chinese medicine of refractory nephrotic syndrome experience

Author YuWenQing
Tutor YuanFang
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords refractory nephrotic syndrome distant Professor traditionalChinese medicine experience
CLC R249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Nephrotic syndrome (nephrotic syndrome, NS), refers to a group of glomerulardisease of multifactorial clinical syndrome. The clinical content of massiveproteinuria (≥3.5g/d), plasma albumin, low (≤30g/L), edema, hyperlipidemia,can diagnose, with massive proteinuria and hypoalbuminemia as main clinicaldiagnosis, and refractory nephrotic syndrome (RNS) refers to the applicationof adequate glucocorticoid therapy for8to12weeks or in combination withcyclophosphamide was not remission of the nephrotic syndrome, such as a largenumber of persistent proteinuria, leads to glomerulosclerosis and renalinterstitial fibrosis, renal function and injury, prognosis. The disease atpresent clinical more common, simple western medicine treatment does not reachthe good effect, and the combined with TCM therapy has achieved.I had the honor of professor from afar for three years, this article analysisthe teacher experience for the Chinese medicine treatment of this disease. Theteacher thinks, cause the disease is divided into the internal and externalfactors, internal factors for the spleen kidney two falsely, emotional disordersand improper diet, external cause is exopathic wind, dampness, damp impregnationeffect and drug toxicity of renal injury, and the pathogenesis is deficiencyand evil excess, deficiency and excess. Deficiency is deficiency ofresponsibility in the lung, spleen, kidney three dirty, and evil is mainly refersto water wet, damp heat, blood stasis and other pathological products. When thetreatment based on syndrome differentiation, and distinguish between specimens.According to the different symptoms, the deficiency is divided intohyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency, deficiency of both qi and Yin,deficiency of Spleen Kidney Yang type, standard empirical divided into Feng Shuicombination type, damp-heat clogging the type, blood stasis and stagnation ofliver-qi, the treatment of this disease in this deficiency when using Ziyinreduce pathogenic fire, nourishing Yin, invigorating spleen and kidney, supplementing qi and nourishing Yin, tonifying the spleen and kidney, diuresis,Tong Yang, treatment standard empirical when expelling evil, Xuanfei Lee water,eliminating dampness and heat, detumescence, promoting blood circulation of Qi,blood stasis, liver Qi righting, of delay line method, often get satisfactoryclinical efficacy.

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