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Professor Zhang Mingxue summarized the use of TCM constitution theory's experience in treating coronary heart disease

Author HouPan
Tutor ZhangMingXue
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Coronary heart disease theory of Chinese medicineconstitution theory of governance
CLC R249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Coronary heart disease belongs to Chinese medicine chest pain areas,It ismore complex common diseases of the cardiovascular system, a clinically seriousimpact on people’s quality of life. Combined with clinical symptomscharacteristic of coronary heart disease,The light is only transient and mildchest pain or a dull sense of, Severe cases, chest tightness, such as smothering,and heart wrenched, or accompanied by shortness of breath,palpitations,sweating,and a longer duration. Many physicians believe that the The physical factorsthroughout Benbingfasheng process always. Coronary heart disease is the roleof multiple risk factors of age, sex, bad lifestyle, living environment, geneticfactors that cause the disease. Coronary heart disease organ deficiency-oriented,Qi bad. Closely linked physical deficiency in medicine; Qi stagnation, bloodstasis, Hanning, phlegm, as standard, Respectively, qi the intrinsicpathological basis of physical fitness, blood stasis constitution, Yangconstitution, dampness constitution.The constitution is the internal factors of the disease, development,decided to disease susceptibility. Seen in the incidence of coronary heartdisease, treatment, and prevention nursing should scrutinize the patient’sphysique. Mentor Professor Zhang Mingxue that the etiology and pathogenesis ofcoronary heart disease is the vacuity. Physical factors play a key role in thepathogenesis of coronary heart disease, and good at the application of the theoryof Chinese medicine constitution On permanent cure disease. Clinical coronaryartery disease especially physical phlegm, blood stasis constitution, physicaldeficiency is most common. Constitution, the card also different, so it shouldbe based on physical differences, Respectively to impose heat phlegm, bloodcirculation, replenishing and Heart and Xuanbi Tongmai treatment Dafa,"becauseof the person" principle, for the purpose of "cure the disease". Diagnosis andtreatment and resolution of constitutional theory of combining, Discernment the specimens of urgency, the fine gas observed blood yin and yang of change, rightingand Quxie of taking into account the clinical therapeutic effect is very good.

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