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Professor Jiang Chunmei in the treatment of primary hypertension experience

Author LiLei
Tutor JiangChunMei
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Hypertension Dizziness TCM syndromes Dialectical theory ofgovernance Empirical therapy
CLC R249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Hypertension is a Western disease name.it’s an extremely common clinicaldisease.In recent yeare become a major killer of damage to human health.Theetiology is complex and changeable.Nonaggressive diverse of TCM,and records“Dizziness”“Headache”“Gan Feng”“Tou Feng”and so on.The earliest recordin <Huand Di Nei Jing>,call it “Xuan MAO”,“Xuan”.It is clinical manifesta-tions of the rotation of the patient’s own.it’s a movement illusion,and ac-companied by headache,palpitations,tinnitus,edema,insomnia,forgetful,memory-loss,inattention and other symptoms.Serious impact on people’s health livingand working situations.Director Jiang Chun-mei,as a director of drug clinical trial in LiaoningUniversity of Traditional Chinese Medicine Second Affiliated Hospital,engagedin Chinese medicine,research and teaching work for decades,especially good m-edicine in the treatment of cardiovascular disease research.Worked for a dir-ector of Doctors Hall in Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese MedicineSecond Affiliated Hospital,accumulate of experience in the treatment of hyper-tension quite good.My teacher through years of clinical observation,practiceand continuous learning,summarizes insiqhts on the treatment of hypertension.C-hinese medicine dialectical theory of governance,discernment exterior and inte-rior, weigh priorities,adjust the yin and yang,dynamic observation system shouldtriple negative overall drug treatment of hypertension.My teacher thought thatthe complexity of TCM pathogenesis of hypertension.Mainly the vacuity.Lesionsinvolving the five internal organs,primaril afferts the liver,spleen,kidneyfunction.Cause many symptoms.Clinical dialectical typing hyperactivity,blooddeficiency,kidney essence,phlegm in the resistance,such as blood stasis awaken-ed.With years of clinical experience,the combination of all.My teacher regardle-ss of patients for which evidence,lesions involving which organs,its pathogen-esis imbalance of yin and yang.Treatment conditioning focusing on the yin and yang,tonic diarrhea real.Attention to the special nature of hypertension plusthe unique adjuvant therapy to stabilize thecondition.Dialectical theory ofgovernance,Flexible medication,significant clinical effect.

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