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Effect of QutanHuoxueShugan Method on the Expression of AQP-9in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Rats

Author ZhuXiaoNing
Tutor WangJing
School Luzhou Medical College
Keywords nonalcoholic fatty liver disease QutanHuoxueShuganMethod AQP-9
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective:Using the experience of Professor Suntongjiao "QutanHuoxueShugan Method" intervention on nonalcoholic fatty liver model in rats, observation of serum biochemical levels in rats, liver pathology and AQP-9expression, to investigate the effect of QutanHuoxueShugan Method treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFL) mechanism, to provide further experimental evidence for clinical experience of the old Chinese Medicine Inheritance.Methods:Selection of weight in180g±20g in60healthy male SD rats under the experimental condition, adaptive feeding for1weeks, were randomly divided into5groups, with12rats in each group, respectively:blank control group, model control group, low dose group (0.5times dosage,6g/kg.d) medium dose group (1times dosage,12g/kg.d), high dose group (1.5times dosage,16g/kg.d); Blank control group were fed with common diet, the other4groups of high fat diet to establish non-alcoholic fatty liver model in rats, in6,8,10weeks1-2rats were killed randomly, to observe the pathological changes of hepatic tissue, later confirmed that the model was successful, packet delivery plan according to the above, continuous lavage14d, all the rats were killed, through the HE staining to observe the pathological changes of liver tissue, determination of liver function, blood lipid, to detect the expression of AQP-9mRNA in rat liver by RT-PCR method.Results:The model group compared with the control group, liver steatosis, serum AST、ALT、TG、TC、 AQP-9expression levels were significantly increased, aggravating (P<0.01); In the high, medium,low dose of Chinese medicine group, compared with model control group, all the observed items, were decreased (P<0.01); The high dose group in serum AST, TG, TC, traditional Chinese medicine group than in the low decreased obviously, there was significant difference (P<0.05); No significant difference of serum ALT three dose treatment groups (P>0.05); High dose group steatosis most light, moderate dose of low dose group, the steatosis most weight (P<0.05); Low dose group, the expression level of AQP-9close to the blank control group, middle dose and high dose were compared with blank control group, low levels of expression (P<0.05), In the dose of Chinese medicine group was the lowest (P<0.05). Conclusion: QutanHuoxueShugan Method could significantly reduce the expression level of AQP-9NAFL in rat liver, reduce the NAFL rat liver steatosis, to some extent, improve liver function, thus AQP-9may be involved in lipid metabolism in liver, and QutanHuoxueShugan Method has the function of regulating the expression of AQP-9in rat NAFL model, suggest that inhibition of AQP-9expression may be one of the mechanism for the treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

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