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Expeirmental and Clinical Studies of the Invigorating the Kidney Prevention of Ovairan Hyperstimulation Syndrome Based on the Idea of Preventing the Disease from Changing

Author ZuoZuo
Tutor ZhangJianWei
School Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese Gynecology
Keywords OHSS rat model disease prevention kidneyOHSS complications kidney
CLC R271.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Experimental studyObjective:Under the guidance of"preventing the disease from changing", the kidneyby means of OHSS animal model to investigate the the kidney side Shoutai pills reducethe mechanism of OHSS complication.Methods:40of SPF female Wistar rats were randomly divided into control group10the The OHSS group of10, OHSS Chinese medicine group of10, OHSS saline group of10. Control group:22-day-old subcutaneous injection of saline0.2ml consecutive days, thefirst26-day-old intramuscular injection of normal saline0.2ml. OHSS group:22-day-oldsubcutaneous injection of the PMSG0.2ml, consecutive days,26days old intramuscularinjection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)0.2ml. OHSS Chinese Group: modelingmethods as given in the OHSS group, the29-day-old Shoutai pill1ml gavage for7days.OHSS saline group: modeling method as OHSS group, from29-day-old normal saline1mlorally for7days. Control group and the group of OHSS, on day29, were killed, the weightof the two groups of rats of both ovaries, ascites rated the peritoneal washings methyleneblue content. Of OHSS Chinese medicine group and the OHSS saline group on day36,were killed, were compared between the two groups of ovarian, liver function, kidneyfunction, electrolytes indicators.Results:(1) the OHSS group of ascites score, ovarian weight, significantly higherthan those in the control group, the peritoneal washings methylene blue were alsosignificantly higher than the control group, and there was not statistically significant (P<0.05).(2) the OHSS Chinese medicine group aspartate aminotransferase (AST), bloodurea nitrogen (BUN), serum creatinine (CCR) content, whole blood low potassium (K),sodium (Na) was significantly lower than OHSS saline group, the difference is obvious.there are statistically significant (P <0.05).(3) the OHSS Chinese medicine groups ovary, uterus, liver, kidney weight, alanine aminotransferase (ALT), red blood cells, hematocrit(HCT) high shear whole blood, calcium (Ca) no obvious difference was not statisticallysignificant (P>0.05).Conclusion: Guided by the idea of"preventing the disease from changing", thekidney medicine treatment of severe OHSS rats show that the kidney drugs can relieve thesymptoms of OHSS, reduce the incidence of complications. Clinical Research.Objective: Retrospective analysis of clinical data of32cases of patients with severeOHSS explore the kidney drugs reduce the symptoms of OHSS, prevent complicationsefficacy.Methods: A retrospective analysis of the OHSS patients hospitalized during theNovember2002October2005and May2010-2012in November, analyze the patient’s age,causes of infertility, chelating solution for eggs, time of onset, The course of the diseaseand the treatment of Chinese and Western medicine, statistical analysis before and aftertreatment changes in symptoms and laboratory examinations indicators.Results:(1) In the treatment of patients with kidney syndrome score was significantlylower than before treatment, significant difference (P <0.05). And kidney syndromesdetermine cured14cases,11cases markedly effective in7cases,0cases, the cure rate of43.75%, total effective rate was100.00%. The the OHSS judge the efficacy of given all themore in26cases, effective in6cases,0cases, the cure rate was55.56%, the totalefficiency of100.00%.(2) After treatment, AST, BUN, Ccr, fibrinogen (Fib), HCT, K, Calower than before treatment, the difference was statistically significant (P <0.05)(3) beforeand after treatment ALT, Na difference obvious, was not statistically significant (P>0.05).Conclusion: Under the guidance of"preventing the disease from changing", Chineseand Western medicine combined with the treatment of OHSS and achieved good effect,reduce the symptoms of OHSS improve complications.

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