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Zhongfeng Xingnao Oral Liquid Pharmaceutical Research

Author ZhuZuoZuo
Tutor SongYing
School Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Pharmacy
Keywords Zhongfeng xingnao oral liquid stroke preparation process qualitystandards humidifying and heating study of stability
CLC R286
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Zhongfeng xingnao oral liquid is our school affiliated hospital used in the treatment of Hemorrhagic stroke recovery.the heart-qi deficiency and blood stasis such as pain syndromes experience prescription.The preparation conditions,quality standard,and stability have been studied.A、preparation technology researchPreparation process We examine the principal medicine of red ginseng and notoginseng ethanol-extraction process,aromatic water of Chuanxiong and the rest of medicine water extraction process.In ethanol-extraction technology research,as index to ginsenoside Rgl,Re,Rbl and notoginsenoside R1,we inspect the several great impact of ginseng and notoginseng ethanol-extraction factors:solvent consumption.ethanol concentration,extraction time.with orthogonal experiment design.the final process parameters is to add8times70%ethanol.extract two times.each time extracting1.5hour; In aromatic water extraction technology research,Examined the abstraction rate of oil, the results is to extract4hours and collect4times the amount of aromatic,again distilled1heavy times.In water extraction technology research,as index to the content of ferulic acid and dry paste rate,the three factors of water addition,decoction time and decocting times have been inspected,with orthogonal experiment design.the final process parameters is to add5times water quantity.extract two times,each time extracting40minute.Purification and concentration process In the part of purification process.separation and purification of the methods.the technical conditions have been preparation by screening. With the single factor investigation method,we examine the different separation and purification methods of water sinking method,physical centrifugation and alcohol sinking method,observation solution clarify degree,with the ferulic acid and dry paste rate as evaluation indexes.the final determination of purification methods is alcohol sinking method;The alcohol sinking method concentration has been inspected,with the single factor investigation method,observation solution clarify degree,with the ferulic acid and dry paste rate as evaluation indexes,the final determination for optimal alcohol sinking concentration is60%;And the alcohol sinking solution relative density is reviewed,the experimental results show the alcohol sinking technology of that concentrated solution to the relative density of1.05~1.10(40℃) is better,the effective component loss is less.To the effective components ginsenoside Rg1,Re,Rb1and notoginsenosideRl,ferulic acid content as the evaluation index,after the ethanol-extraction liquid and water extraction liquid have been concentrate,the change of effective component has been respectively investigated,the results show that,using the reduced pressure concentration,effective component content has no change.In the shaping process,we investigate the type and the dosage of preservative and solubilizer,to ensure the stability and clarify degree of solution,we determine the solution pH value range.and study the preparation technological process.The shaping process is certainly:aromatic water and assembled Polysorbate80to mix evenly,then mixed it with other extraction solution,to choose the Potassium Sorbate as preservative,adjust solution pH value to5.0-6.0,repacking and sterilization.B、Quality standard study and Preliminary study of stabilityWe set up the Red Ginseng,Notoginseng,Chuanxiong TCL identification methods,and the ginsenoside Rg1,Re,Rb1and notoginsenoside R1determination method.According to the quality standard for stability test.the results show all the testings correspond the demand,This study indicate that the preparation have good stability.

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