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Different Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Methods on the Rehabilitation of Acute Ankle Sprain Pain of the Test Selection

Author LiGuoYing
Tutor GuoYongLi
School Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports
Course Human Movement Science
Keywords acute ankle sprain pain specific acupuncture
CLC R246.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Acute athletes ankle sprain in sports medicine is a common disease, acute ankle sprain can cause varying degrees of pain. If not treated timely or inappropriate treatment will pose a threat to the athlete’s athletic ability and sports life. At present, the treatment of athletes with acute ankle sprain pain is still one of the problems of the sports medicine community. After acute ankle sprain treatment, Chinese medicine, massage, acupuncture, closed, physical therapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The specificity of acupuncture is to draw the medicine of the motherland,"the theory of triple puncture" and "A hole" principle and the original acupuncture.Objective:specific acupuncture acupoints along meridians acupuncture treatment of acute sprains of the ankle in2010and2011Sports of Candidates to impose, and then be evaluated from the perspective of pain, range of motion, swelling degree, thus proving the specificity of acupuncture in the treatment of acute ankle sprain caused pain than acupoints along meridians acupuncture.Methods:128acute ankle sprain sports of Candidates were randomly divided into two groups, the first set of specific acupuncture group, the second group of acupoints along meridians group, daily treatment, three times for one course, prior. to treatment and collection time in the treatment of experimental data, and statistical analysis. Results: The findings show that specific acupuncture group and the acupoints along meridians group three times after treatment and before treatment through the pain, range of motion and swelling degree of statistically significant after treatment than before treatment. Specific acupuncture group was superior to the acupoints along meridians group.Conclusion:①specific acupuncture have shown improvement and the role of specific clinical symptoms, especially in reducing pain significantly better than conventional acupoints along meridians group, a short period of time analgesic effect. Therefore, specific acupuncture treatment can reduce pain, limited mobility and other symptoms caused by the surrounding blood vessels, nerves, soft tissues are oppressed, to accelerate the stasis of blood in the discharge, to promote the absorption of the exudate, so as to achieve the blood and the new health, through the meridians, the purpose of swelling and pain.②The specific acupuncture compared to traditional acupoints along meridians of acupuncture improved symptoms of acute injury to a certain extent, but the short term, there are certain limitations in the treatment of pain, and promote functional recovery. From a competition point of view to consider, under exercise stress analgesia in a short time and with the athletes to participate in the competition, maintain a good state of departure, specific acupuncture analgesic effect is significant.

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