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Content and Clinical Significance of MCM2Detected by ELISA in Cervical-vaginal Secretion and Serum

Author YuanZuo
Tutor LiDengQing
School Central South University
Course Clinical
Keywords MCM2 ELISA cervical-vaginal secretion serum cervicalintraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)
CLC R737.33
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective1、To investigate the levels of MCM2in cervical-vaginal secretion in different women’menstrual cycle and menostasia;2、To investigate the value of MCM2in cervical-vaginal secretion and serum samples used for diagnosing CIN. Methods1、A total of88women diagnosed by Pasteur smear and cervical biopsy were enrolled from the Third Xiangya Hospitial affiliated to Central South University and the Xiangtan NO.1people’s hospital from June to October2012:①Normal control group had40cases, cervicitis group had18cases and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia(CIN) group had30cases;②Normal control group included13cases of proliferative phase,15secretory phase and12menopausal phase;③CIN group contained11cases of CIN1,9CIN2and10CIN3;2、Cervical-vaginal secretions and serums from all of these subjects were collected. An Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to measure MCM2levels,and compare the differences among these groups above. Results1、The MCM2levels of cervical-vaginal secretions in proliferative phase, secretory phase and senopausal phase were10.6419±2.6088ng/ml、17.4600±4.2200ng/ml and12.4547±2.2511ng/ml,there was no statistical significance among the three groups(P=0.675);2、In normal group,the MCM2levels of cervical-vaginal secretions and serums were13.7522±3.1019ng/ml and0.2356±0.0357ng/ml,the content of MCM2in cervical-vaginal secretions was significantly higher than serums (P=0.018);In cervicitis group,the two datas were13.8281±8.2746ng/ml and0.2550±0.0139ng/ml,statistical significance was seen between them(P=0.001);In CIN group,the datas were11.0590±6.8481ng/ml and0.3499±0.1360ng/ml, they had significant differences (P=0.001);3、 The MCM2levels of cervical-vaginal secretions in normal,cervicitis and CIN groups had no significant differences(P=0.529).The levels of serums had statistical significance(P=0.024),the CIN group was higher than normal and cervicitis groups (P=0.027,0.015),but there was no differences between normal and cervicitis groups(P=0.166);4/In CIN1,CIN2,CIN3,the MCM2levels of cervical-vaginal secretions were10.7693±4.7015ng/ml,11.4206±7.1979ng/ml and13.3281±8.6225ng/ml;the MCM2levels of serums were0.3524±0.1645ng/ml,0.3850±0.1697ng/ml,0.3122±0.0744ng/ml,there had no significant differences (P=0.196,P=0.729). Conclusion1、The contents of MCM2in cervical-vaginal secretions are not affected in different menstrual cycle and menopause phase;2、The MCM2detected by ELISA in CIN group is higher than cervicitis and normal groups in serum samples,providing a new diagnose indicator for CIN; The MCM2in cervical-vaginal secretion among CIN、cervicitis and normal groups have no significant differences.

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